The diversity on earth demands respect for others. For all people who are different from myself: The foreigners, the minorities, the majorities, the homeless or the rich.


Diversity needs freedom.
Freedom is our oxygen.

But freedom has many enemies.
Totalitarian thinking in different colors.

The evil in human DNA tends to overestimate itself, selfishness, arrogance, know-it-all, paternalism, ultimately dictatorial orders and restrictions. That is the totalitarian element in all of us.

It mainly affects intellectuals, who devise respective ideologies. Well-meant, but in reality, the opposite of well done.

Drunk with pride and unable to criticize when it doesn’t work. In doing so, they forget one rule of nature: diversity needs a maximum of freedom. The opposite to the dictate of the state for the alleged happiness of its citizens as pure servant of a believing ideology.

Freedom is our political air to breathe.

For the individual pursuit of our personal happiness and our self-realization.

Without instructions of the state or prohibitions of thinking.

Free means: being able to be myself without state and without punishment or isolation.

Without freedom everything is worth nothing

Without freedom, we citizens are merely the puppets and objects of governments and their unfortunately mostly bourgeois official nomenclature.

What good is a state that does not respect and promote dignity, freedom and the human pursuit of happiness?

Only when we are free from the dictates of the state can we be happy.

As postulated in the American Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

In 1948, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights confirmed in its preamble:

“The recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human community is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world”.

These enlightened and liberal foundations place the human being with its rights and aspirations for individual happiness above the state.

The individual is a free citizen of the world, not an object. The state is his servant.

Without freedom there is no protection of individuality and diversity, but also no progress.

Because only free thinking is capable of creating something really new, a better future for all.

Ideological blinkers and all prisons of thought restrict the scope for freedom and become an end in themselves for political self-indulgence. Ultimately, they create monopolies of power inviting the abuse of power. In addition, other thinkers and minorities are regarded as enemies of the state and eliminated. The inevitable result is a dictatorship of a few functionaries over all others. Instead of a sugary paradise, hell on earth prevails.

Consequently, a general rejection of all nationalist, racist, authoritarian and totalitarian state ideologies is imperative. These ideologies strangle freedoms. Better Future Politics must curb all kinds of totalitarian seducers.

Freedom is not cost-free and comes at a price.
You have to fight for it.
Against the manifold presumption of the powerful.
One must defend freedom. Or one loses it.

We need a policy of empathy, not ideology. A golden heart of humanity.

With empathy for the feelings and wishes of all citizens and no dictates from above. A genuine people’s democracy with a heart, where no one is excluded, hostile or oppressed. A servant state with an effective mind, in which everyone can live freely, well and happily.

Those preaching prejudice, hatred and envy against other groups are attacking diversity and launching an attack on individuality and freedom. We all want to live happily, but everyone differently while preserving diversity.

People, with their strengths and weaknesses, their needs and dreams, must be at the centre of our mission future.
Every person is a minority at some point needing respect and protection. The individuals` human dignity is inviolable. Whether poor or rich, European or African, Christian or Muslim.

Without the value-oriented foundation of human rights, including freedom and diversity, the world would be built on quicksand and we would all just be objects like grains of sand in the hands of the rulers.

Without humanity, all politics is worthless. The state turns into a shell without a core, an instrument of power for the ruling class.
People must be able to breathe freely and develop.

Consequently, all power comes from the people – from bottom to top. It is the citizens that constitute the state. Politics must serve the citizens.

Today these insights are melting away in the political debate. Totalitarian ideologies of redemption and populist models of rule are putting democratic pluralism under pressure. With a “You must not!” forefinger, many politicians want to restrict our freedoms to a certain extent thereby attacking the core of individual autonomy.

Every person is different, wants and needs something different, and must therefore enjoy maximum freedom in order to be satisfied and happy. The state must grant personal free- dom. Otherwise, citizens will gradually become unhappy objects and an open democracy from below will turn into a sentimental dictatorship from above.

The essence of power is ruling and expanding its scope. That is an eternal natural law.

The democratic state, too, tends to interfere in the remaining freedoms of the citizens. It squeezes more money out of their pockets. It patronises them. But this contradicts the idea of freedom and the search for personal happiness. Freedom always means as little state intervention as possible. Less state – more room for private activities and enterprises. This is a rejection of state monopoly ideologies, nationalistic and authoritarian models. The democratic state must limit itself and respect the rights of citizens to their privacy. A curtailment of state intervention to what is necessary and proportionate. Restrictions of freedom of any kind, including expropriation, are only permissible in the most extreme cases. Governments must leave citizens maximum freedom and leeway for development allowing them to live independently and happily.

This also applies to social minorities of all kinds. Creation has formed us all differently. As individuals we have often developed differently according to cultural, religious or social traditions. Jews, homosexuals, Catholics, dissidents, agnostics, wealthy individuals or beggars must be respected in their inalienable rights and their pursuit of happiness.

We must also care for the weak and the poor. Cold-hearted capitalism or nationalism contradicts this commandment of charity.
Dissidents are too often considered enemies to be opposed with all means, because the good cause supposedly justifies their oppression. We should unite with open policies, not polarise further. We need internal democracy and respect for other opinions.
Plurality of opinion is another core of better policy. In this respect, any good political movement must be a new people’s party incorporating many ideas and wishes. No totalitarian ideologies that lure with paradise on earth. A de-ideologised pragmatic approach. Realpolitik with the strong inclusion of human rights and freedom.

The various radicals in our democracies are destroying the core of the foundations of enlightenment, freedom and individual happiness. We are slowly being warmed up like a frog in a cooking pot, losing our freedom. Only we do not feel it as painfully as in dictatorships, because the process is slow. There is a threat of a political mini dictators striving to im- pose their will on us, thus strangling freedom and happiness. Human dignity is at risk.

New policy must renovate and activate the foundations of human dignity, freedom and happiness.

Democracies are only strong if they are healthy. What does that mean?
Politicians must understand the needs of citizens, take them seriously and, from their point of view, deliver better results quickly.

Good politics needs both holy fire and a good soul. Future policy must focus on human dignity and the basic global consensus of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This applies both internally and externally.

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