Gaza, Israel, Palestine Action Manual
Gaza is a drama - for all involved. A lot of mistakes were made on all sides. The previous policy designs of the West and the UN have burst like a soap bubble. How can we kill the endless killing, promoting peace and happiness for all people in Gaza, Israel and Palestine? Here our fresh grand vision for a new 'Holy Land Union’, promoting reconciliation, freedom and peace. Based on many discussions with all sides involved in the last 23 years and the grandiose reconciliation of the former arch-enemies France, Poland and Germany within the innovative European Union.

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The focus of the public debate has shifted in the last months from the massacre on October 7, 2023, to a condemnation of the Israeli attacks on Hamas in Gaza, with many casualties.


Israel made some serious mistakes in the operation, including:


  • In December 2023 IDF soldiers even mistakenly shot three Israeli hostages, Alon Lulu Shamriz, Samer Al-Talalka and Yotam Haim, whom they were supposed to free. They had used leftover food to write signs asking for help and surrendered with a white flag. The Israeli Chief of Staff, General Herzi Halevy, explained that the soldiers' actions violated the military's rules of engagement. "It is forbidden to shoot at those who raise a white flag and want to surrender."


  • On April 1, 2024, soldiers fired drones at night at three World Central Kitchen (WCK) cars, killing seven international aid workers. The officers responsible were dismissed because the drone operators had made "grave mistakes contrary to Standard Operating Procedures". Even the three brigade, 162nd Division and Southern Command commanders were formally reprimanded by the Chief of Staff. Because the aid delivery was registered.  The operators could not recognize the WCK logo on the car at night and, in the blurred video, mistook a bag, that one of the helpers was carrying over his shoulder, for a weapon and fired. Now the IDF is distributing thermal stickers for aids vehicles.


  • The provision of supplies to the civilian population as required by the laws of war is inadequately organized and communicated. The inability of the UN and UNRWA also contributes to the chaos. On March 30, 2024, for example, the content of 400 trucks was once again waiting to be picked up and distributed from the Gazan side of the Kerem Shalom post Israeli inspection. UNRWA does not have the logistical capacity for this and does not claim responsibility.


The massacre of October 7, 2023 in Israel, is actually a very old story dating back  to historic periods of wars without any moral limits. We know that carnage from history books.


Like the Huns, who under Attila conquered Europe in the 5th century, can serve as one example.


Or the “unchristian” crusaders, who killed 10,000 innocent people after the ‘liberation’ of Jerusalem June 7, 1099, including Muslims, Jews and Byzantine Christians, under the motto ‘Deus lo vult” (“God wants it”).

Genghis Khan in the 13th century, who killed millions of people in many genocides in Asia.


Or Adolf Hitler from 1939 to 1945, who according to his Nazi-Arian dogmas wanted to ‘clean’ the conquered territories in Europe from the ‘Untermenschen’, mainly Jews, but as well as Slaves in Poland and Russia, with millions killed and abused as slave workers.


Too often in history too many civilians were killed and enslaved without mercy. Because they were considered enemies by the brutal attackers. Some leaders even wanted to eliminate them all in genocides, because they wanted to rule their land.


Sometimes the assaulted victims struck back. Now the aggressors as well as many of their own civilians were also killed, blaming the defender.


Like 500,000 civilians in World War II in German cities, bombed by the American and British allies, after Hitler had started the war in 1939. 6.3 million Germans were killed, including 5 million soldiers, because of Hitler's totalitarian Nazi race ideology and hate. He also killed 6 million Jews as his main enemies in the Holocaust, the genocide of European Jews.


No one demanded an end to the bombing and a ceasefire. In this case Hitler could have comfortably continued his murdering within Europe and celebrated a victory parade in Berlin. Instead, the U.S., UK, Russia and the other allies demanded an "unconditional surrender" from Germany and won May 8, 1945.

What have the world and the people learned from this bitter past?

Have they understood the rules of The Holy Quran and Prophet Mohammad, limiting the use of force against civilians or the UN Charter and international law? (details later).


When, at a peaceful Nova music festival, 260 young, joyfully dancing people are murdered with diabolic pleasure by heavily armed Hamas fighters, and 40 taken hostages, shouting “Allahu Akbar.”


When in total more than a thousand people (695 Israeli citizen including 36 children, 71 Thai and Nepalese workers, 373 security forces) are killed, many tortured, mutilated, women raped and beheaded in an orgy of violence. When more than two hundred are kidnapped, including babies, children (picture) and women. Then that is not a glorious fight for freedom for Gaza or Palestine, but bare terrorism. This is the pure terror and devil's work.


Then, according to Islamic Jihad and as well international law, the attacked party, may and must defend itself and eliminate the murderers, targeting the Hamas terrorists in Gaza with precision bombs.


Nevertheless, this is viewed differently in the Arab world, by 120 member states of the UN, including Western nations. They did not condemn these mega crimes violating the rules of the Quran, loudly and clearly, but mostly kept silent. They did not blame the aggressor, but the victim practicing self-defence. Some even called this self-defense a ‘genocide’. Many called for Israel to declare a permanent ceasefire and refrain from striking Hamas in Gaza, saving these terrorists forever.


We are again facing a great moral and political challenge. The international and Islamic rules of war, the global ethos, the world order, human rights, tolerance and peace are at stake.  


How can we stop the killing and make peace? Let’s discuss that in a fair dialogue, find the golden nuggets and create a lasting solution for all parties involved in The Holy Land. To give peace and humanity a chance.

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What you need to know: What does Hamas want? The Hamas Massacre. What does Israel want? Hamas attack and IDF counter-attack legal or not, according to Islamic Jihad rules and the Quran and international law?

including 36 babies and children, Israeli civilians (695) and security forces (373) and 71 foreign workers (Thais, Nepalese) killed and 5,400 wounded by Hamas terrorists October 7, 2023.
kidnapped by Hamas, including 30 children. 105 hostages released until January 2024. 136 remain in Gaza (31 probably dead).
Palestinian population, with 2.1 million in Gaza and 1.6 million Arab citizens of Israel.

What does Hamas want?

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How can the Gordian knot be cut? Are there examples in the past from which we can learn lessons? Yes, indeed: Germany’s history from 1918 until today. The Confederation Plan of Henry Kissinger or peace makers on both sides. The wise policy of Pope Francis and Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayeb. The UAE and the Abraham Accords. The Arab Initiative and the Trump Peace Plan.

Let’s take a look at German history from 1918-1945

If you want to know a country that did everything wrong: look at Germany from 1918 to 1945.

If you want to get to know a country that did everything right: look at Germany 1945 until today.

We talked about the German democratic Weimar Republic (1918 to 1933) and its failure to block the rise of Adolf Hitler, his NSDAP and his Third Reich with three top experts some years ago: Professor Karl Dietrich Bracher (University of Bonn; doctoral advisor of Mission Future founder Hubertus Hoffmann) and his two mentors Professor Walter Laqueur and geostrategist Dr. Fritz Kraemer from Washington. Their conclusion:

The rise of Hitler and the Nazis was only possible because the bourgeoisie underestimated him and was too cowardly to confront this extremist. They only reacted with power to stop him when it was already too late.

This is also true today: In the U.S. and Europe, the dangers posed by Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran are underestimated. But as well in Arab states like Qatar or Jordan. A mistake.  

The rulers there want to ride the devil, but that is not possible. In the end, they will be eaten up by him.

Rich and prosperous, they invite the poisoners and dictators in their countries and in the end, they will die in bitter chaos like the people in Germany 1945. 

Hamas, as part of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, will erode the good and true Islam from the inside until it has become a sect of the devil like in Germany. It is like cancer the problem, not the care and solution for the people in Palestine.

In Germany Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote this drama in his famous book Faust in 1806. Hamas is Mephistopheles, the devil nobody can control. The rulers are like Dr. Faust, they should read it with care and take the lesson seriously.

In foreign policy, Neville Chamberlain in Britain and Édouard Daladier in France sought a compromise with dictator Adolf Hitler.  They signed the Munich Agreement in 1938. But this appeasement policy failed catastrophically in 1939. On the contrary, Hitler saw this as a provocative weakness and attacked Poland. The Second World War began. With 50 million dead in 1945 all over the world. The tragic result of the misperception of radicals by normal politicians, who think they think and act like them. With a clear containment and roll-back strategy this drama could have been avoided.

You should not blame the bad guys for what they think and do, but the naïve bourgeoise in power who don’t understand them, don’t see the reality and truth, don’t act in time.

There can be no compromise and peace with fanatic extremists and mass murderers like Hamas.

As with Hitler. The USA and Europe must understand this. But the Arab countries and Turkey as well, which support Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. They will fail and become victims themselves, like the UK and France in 1939.

Look what Hamas did with the billions of funds from the EU, the U.S., Qatar: not building attractive locations with beaches and hotels for tourists, like in Doha or Dubai, but weapons, tunnels and rockets. Only the leadership possesses luxury villas and large bank accounts in Doha or Singapore. The 2.3 million people are poor. Because Hamas chose war not peace. Israel left Gaza in 2005. It is not isolated because Palestinians live there, but because Hamas attacks Israel from there. If Hamas ended its attacks, it wouldn´t be isolated. It´s as simple as that. Hamas betrayed its people with its aggressive ideology of death. It institutionalized a brutal dictatorship in Gaza. As opposed to a pluralistic democracy in Israel.


Gaza needs a ‘Mission Future Gaza’.

Hamas must be held accountable for its crimes.  

Free Gaza from Hamas.

Freedom and peace for Gaza. Turn it into a new Dubai or Doha at the Mediterranean.

Make peace not war.


Copy the German Miracle since 1945

If you want to know a country that has risen from total moral and physical destruction from ruins, look at Germany.

Germany is a global role model for all countries that have been destroyed or are now being destroyed by war or ruled by dictators.  Like Gaza or Palestine.

After many mistakes in history and two lost world wars, Germany has risen from ruins with a new creative Mission Future of heart and mind. As a flourishing, peaceful and prosperous democracy.

No country in Europe was so deeply devastated after the the end of the Second World War on 8 May 1945 as Germany. The darkest hour, but liberation from a brutal dictator as well. Only in its western part, however.

All cities were completely destroyed by bombing raids leaving six million Germans dead. Divided into three parts, with the loss of the eastern territories to Poland and the USSR, 8 million were expelled and fled to West Germany. The GDR with a population of 18 million was established as a new dictatorship and socialist vassal state of the USSR. With 300,000 political prisoners and 1,900 citizens killed at the Berlin wall and the brutal 1,300 kilometer long iron border to the West, until reunification occurred  in 1990.  West-Berlin frequently threatened many times, for example during the Berlin Blockade in 1948. Nuclear armed Soviet forces were deployed in the GDR. Germany was Morally bankrupted by the Holocaust, after six million Jews had been killed by Nazi terror. Initially Germany was suspiciously observed by the long-time arch-enemies France and United Kingdom, opponents in two lost world wars.

The founding of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949 in Bonn served as a kind of “Hour Zero”. From then on, the country emerged from the ruins to turn into an affluent society.

How did it succeed?

At first, there was a struggle to find the right course in economic policy. The SPD wanted socialism, but the new CDU wanted economic freedom, supported by the FDP.

The basis was the introduction of a stable currency, the D mark, with the Währungsreform 1948. Now there was something to buy again.

The first Federal Minister of Economics, Ludwig Erhard, later second Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, developed something completely new in 1949: The Social Market Economy.

He said at the CDU party conference 1948: “Not the free market economy of the laissez-faire plundering of a bygone era …, but the socially responsible market economy that once again brings the individual to the fore, that places a high value on the person and that provides a fair return for work carried out, this is the modern version of the market economy.”

Erhard’s new ideas: “Reaching a social balance with better distribution of opportunities in a free competitive economy. Price level stability, external economic equilibrium, a high level of employment and solid finances”. By all means to avoid hyperinflation and mass unemployment, as in the Weimar Republic, which pushed the hopeless voters to the Nazi party and finished democracy in 1933.

Erhard's credo: Prosperity for All. “But it must first be earned before one can think of distributing it”, he said. The essentials were an “increase in productivity, thus economic growth and low unemployment”. He demanded as well “social policy without false incentives. In this way, broader sections of the working population generate prosperity. Through growth, more just wages and thus prosperity for all”.

It worked very well: The Federal Republic of Germany experienced its Wirtschaftswunder (economic miracle) in the 1960s. Through a courageous Mission Future with heart and mind. Democracy could flourish.

The second major construction site was foreign policy.

How was Germany to be reunified?

How should relations with the other countries in the West and East, and with the USA as the occupying power, be shaped?

The wise first chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, focused on a completely new foreign policy: the unification of Europe. First in the Treaty of Rome 1957 to establish the European Economic Community (EEC). Later more integration in a stronger European Union. Combined with: Reconciliation with archenemy France and the UK. New transatlantic friendship with the victor USA. Even secret military and open financial support for Israel.

Buildup of a large Bundeswehr with 500,000 soldiers and joining NATO in 1955. Credible deterrence and détente, as formulated later in the Harmel Report of NATO 1967.

All this was revolutionary. And it worked very well.

From this position of strength of the Free World, Adenauer wanted to achieve reunification. He rejected neutrality, which was sharply criticized by the opposition SPD in particular. But Adenauer’s strategy, unification-by-European-integration, paid off on October 3, 1990, under Chancellor Helmut Kohl. The day of reunification and integration of the failed socialist GDR. The U.S. in particular supported this course, after the fall of the Berlin Wall November 8, 1989, while France and Great Britain were quite hesitant. Germany had proven itself as a peaceful and respected partner in Europe. Chancellor Willy Brandt's policy of détente created even more trust in the East. With the reformer Mikhail Gorbachev at the head of the rotten USSR, a unique opportunity arose for just six years (1985 to 1991) for the peaceful reunification of Germany without any bloodshed, and the simultaneous independence of the Eastern European countries. A great moment for mankind, a peaceful revolution in all Eastern Europe.

The golden result of a courageous new best practice policy of the various German governments from 1949 to 1990, a fresh “Mission Future Germany.”


Israel could learn from German Chancellors Adenauer and Erhard, and the EU: Peace through gradual creation of an economic and later political unity with a Mission Future. A Holy Land Union, free, peaceful and prosperous from the sea to Jordan, from Lebanon to Egypt. Coupled with a reconciliation of former archenemies.


The Confederation Plan by Henry Kissinger and King Hussein of Jordan from 1972 – renewed by Henry Kissinger in 2023



March 15, 1972 King Hussein of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan revealed a plan for a “United Arab Kingdom”: a new federation with two autonomous districts. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and a Palestinian federal district in the West Bank. This part that had been under Jordan control from 1948 – even annexed in 1950 - until 1967, when Israel captured the West Bank in the Six-Day War. Military, foreign affairs and security would be managed by the central government in Amman.


The PLO rejected these bold ideas and demanded its own PLO-controlled and independent State of Palestine. Israel rejected it as well and was unwilling to withdraw from the disputed area.


Then U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (1973-1977) developed and supported this idea in the 1970s. In a very pragmatic approach, he promoted a tripartite confederation of Jordan plus Palestine plus Israel in The Holy Land. Linking shuttle diplomacy with Realpolitik, implemented by a step-by-step solutions.


In October 2023 Henry Kissinger again promoted his idea in a video conference with World Minds:


“The West Bank should be placed under Jordanian control, instead of seeking a two-state solution.”



July 31, 1988 Jordan had renounced its claim to sovereignty over the West Bank and recognized the PLO as “the sole legitime representative of the Palestinian people.”


On September 2, 2018, Mahmoud Abbas told visitors from Israel, that Jared Kushner, special envoy of U.S. president Donald Trump, and Jason Greenblatt have asked him “if he advocates a Palestinian-Jordan confederation”.



The confederation idea of Henry Kissinger and King Hussein is not dead. It is one of our Golden Global Champions.



We will present our creative idea for a Holy Land Union, modelled on the European Union, under number 5 Action Plan Israel later in details. This could constitute a regional superstructure resembling the formerly feuding Europe, for peace and prosperity, with three states (Jordan, Palestine, Israel) and Gaza united, after Hamas is eliminated there. It would contain and roll-back the extremists on all sides.


UAE, Bahrain and Morocco signed the Abraham Accords with Israel in 2020


The signing of the Abraham Accord in 2020 was the finest moment in Middle East peace policy in a generation. A masterpiece of diplomacy by the otherwise rather erratic U.S. President Donald Trump.

The Abraham Accords are a series of agreements between Israel and three Arab countries: The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Morocco. The agreements were signed in 2020 and normalized diplomatic relations between the countries. The Accords were negotiated by the United States and were the first major peace agreements between Israel and Arab countries in decades.

Israel and the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco established full diplomatic relations and open embassies in each other's countries. Direct flights between their countries. Cooperation in security, trade, investment, tourism, technology.

The Abraham Accords have been praised by some as a breakthrough in Middle East peacemaking. The Accords have had a number of positive consequences. They have led to increased trade and investment between the countries involved. They have also promoted people-to-people contact and cultural exchanges. However, the Accords have not resolved the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and violence continues between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Abraham Accords are a significant development in Middle East peacemaking. They have the potential to promote peace and prosperity in the region.

The United Arab Emirates at the Gulf are our Golden Champion of religious and racial tolerance in the Arab World. Palestinians and Jews can learn a lot from the UAE.


Read our Action Manual Tolerance here

The team of Mission Future has made many annual tours to the UAE since 2008. We talked to religious leaders of all kind, sheikhs, students and the people promoting tolerance. Mission Future Co-Founder Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann was awarded the first Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Tolerance Award, at Dubai Opera in February 2020. He was honored for his “long-time and outstanding engagement promoting Codes of Tolerance with books, art, films, speeches”. Our golden Globe of Tolerance is exhibited in the prayer hall of the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara temple in Dubai, with one million visitors annually.


No country is perfect, not even the UAE, but in the important field of religious tolerance this country is indeed the Champion at the Gulf and in the Arab World.


Women are members of the cabinet, go to universities, can work, are professors or businesswomen, some even fly F-16 jets, and they all enjoy much freedom.




Read our Action Manual Women in Islam here


Mistakes happen. Nobody is perfect. Every country needs permanent learning and improvements. This is true for the UAE as our own home state.


We all should always be fair to other cultures and praise good progress. Not just keep grumbling and complaining about what we in the West would like to see. Everything has a beginning and progress needs time.


Where is the progress of tolerance in UAE?

The first Minister of Tolerance globally was established in February 2016. Based on our proposal in the Araba edition of the book ‘Love is Tolerance’, printed in Kairo and presented at the Abu Dhabi International Bookfair in May 2015. A unique National Tolerance Agenda followed.

The UAE government writes:

“The creation of a Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence by the United Arab Emirates government serves as a reminder that tolerance is not a given, but rather something that must be actively cultivated and maintained through the efforts of individuals, organizations, and governments. Tolerance is essential for enriching human life, as it allows us to embrace and celebrate the diverse cultures that exist in the world. By promoting tolerance and human fraternity, we can work towards the elimination of intolerance. However, achieving and sustaining tolerance requires cooperation and commitment from all parties involved.”

The UAE are a great exception in a MENA region, marked by wars and hatred.


Even a synagogue in Dubai and the brand-new Abrahamic Family House, with a church, a synagogue and a mosque at one place in Abu Dhabi, stand for this religious tolerance.


So do the Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh temple in Dubai and 48 Christian churches in this dynamic Gulf state.


Pope Francis celebrated a successful visit to Abu Dhabi in February 2019.


People from 200 nationalities live peacefully in this Muslim country.

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Confederation Plan of King Hussein of Jordan 1972 and Henry Kissinger 2023 for a joint federal structure of Jordan and the West Bank, promoting peace and prosperity.

UAE, Bahrain and Morocco with the Abraham Accords 2020 singed with Israel.

The Trump Vision Plan 2020 impressed with many creative details and a $50 billion investment as best proposal in decades, worth to be discussed.

Pope Francis and Grand Imam Ahmad Al-Tayeb signed the Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together on 4 February 2019 in Abu Dhabi. A milestone of inter-religious dialogue.


Champions of Tolerance in Palestine and Israel, like Ismail Khatib, Yael Armanet Chernobroda, Wajeeh Y. Nusseibeh, Robi Damelin or Zeev Rotstein and many more, promoting respect, humanity and reconciliation.

Germany reconciled with its arch-enemies France and UK and Poland from 1949 onwards and peacefully united Europe with the EU- a revolutionary new approach. 12.5 million German refugees renounced to return to their lost homeland in the east. 

The Arab Initiative 2002
broke the ice in the Arab world with the idea of recognizing Israel in exchange for withdrawal from the occupied territories.

Confederation Plan of King Hussein of Jordan 1972 and Henry Kissinger 2023 ★★★

for a joint structure of Jordan and the West Bank for peace and prosperity. Later maybe with three states (Jordan, Palestine, Israel) and Gaza united. It would contain and roll-back the extremists on all sides.


UAE, Bahrain and Morocco with the Abraham Accord 2020 ★★★

normalized diplomatic relations between these countries and Israel. It was the finest moment in Middle East peace policy in a generation. A masterpiece of diplomacy by the otherwise rather erratic U.S. President Donald Trump. A series of agreements between Israel and three Arab countries: full diplomatic relations, direct flights between their countries. Cooperation in security, trade, investment, tourism, technology. They have led to increased trade and investment between the countries involved. They have also promoted people-to-people contact and cultural exchanges.


The Trump Vision Plan 2020 ★★★

called Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People. U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu jointly presented this masterplan for a two-state solution with a great vision in Washington DC on January 28, 2020. Drafted by a team led by Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner. Both the Yesha Council of settlers in the West Bank and the Palestinian leadership rejected the plan. Many details and creative ideas on 181 pages. The best should be cherry-picked for peacemaking now.


Pope Francis and Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb ★★★

Pope Francis promotes inter-religious dialogue since many years.

The most important imam in the Sunni world, Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, joined him in 2019 during his state visit in the UAE. He is a man of salam and mercy in an Islamic world of too many fake-imams, preachers of hate and death. Both are our Champions of Tolerance.

The Pope and the Grand Imam signed the Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together on 4 February 2019 in Abu Dhabi. A milestone of inter-religious dialogue, a base for cooperation in Jerusalem and The Holy Land.

Champions of Tolerance in Palestine and Israel ★★

like Ismail Khatib, Yael Armanet Chernobroda, Wajeeh Y. Nusseibeh, Robi Damelin or Zeev Rotstein and many more grassroot movements like, promoting respect, humanity and reconciliation. They can bring step by step understanding, dialogue, harmony and peace to The Holy Land for all citizens, no matter if they are Palestinians and Israelis, Jews, Muslims or Christians.


Germany after 1945★★

Germany had fought and lost two wars against France and Great Britain. The first Chancellor Konrad Adenauer tried something completely new in 1949: reconciliation with the arch-enemies France and UK, but also Poland. And the unification of Europe in the EU. Combined with peace through strength in NATO to deter the USSR. Basis for peace and stability. The 12.5 million expellees from the East renounced violence as early as 1950 and later their return.

The Arab Initiative ★

inspired by Saudi-Arabia and adopted by the Arab Summit in Beirut 2002, broke the ice in the Arab world. Recognizing Israel in exchange for withdrawal from the occupied territories. East Jerusalem as capital of a sovereign Palestinian state. This was not agreed to by Israel, but a fundamentally approach to be discussed.

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Be an optimist. Peace is possible in the Holy Land. Like with Egypt 1979 and Jordan 1994. Or the Abraham Accords in 2020. Here we propose a fresh Mission Future Holy Land, cherry-picking best ideas from different plans and our Global Golden Champions. Pragmatic proposals for Israel, Gaza, Palestine, the Arab countries and the EU. Good for all, bad only for the extremists on all sides. A creative, peaceful and democratic “Holy Land Union”, like the EU started in 1950.

What to do?
1. Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu's government has tragically failed twice through misperceptions:

He allowed Qatar to support Gaza with hundreds of millions of dollars annually, some of which was ultimately diverted to weapons and tunnel construction. Netanyahu wanted to split Hamas from the PA (‘divide et impera’) but reached the opposite. In 2019 he told his party’s parliamentary caucus: “Whoever opposes a Palestinian state must support delivery of funds to Gaza because maintaining separation between the PA in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza will prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

The idea of pacifying and stabilizing Gaza was ahistorical, because it makes extremists even hungrier, like Adolf Hitler and failed appeasement by the UK and France in the 1930ies has proven. He fed the monster.

By October 7, 2023, most of the armed forces had withdrawn to the West Bank and the people on the Gaza border were left without protection.

Even several warnings from female surveillance soldiers at the border to Gaza (known as tatzpitaniyot in Hebrew, using balloons and cameras) and reports by the Egyptian intelligence service were not taken seriously. He was blind.

All this was very naïve and amounted to ‘Provocative Weakness’ fueling the Hamas terrorists`zeal.

The lack of sympathy after the brutal mass murders of October 7, 2023, indirectly blaming Israel for the mass killings of Hamas, especially in the Muslim world, the vote of 120 countries in the UN on October 26, 2023, against a military response of the IDF in Gaza and the abstention of 45 states proved with all brutality:

Israel stands alone with the U.S. when it really matters.

The UN, exhibiting a pro-Palestinian bias, is always against Israel.

It is perceived by a two third majority of former colonial countries in the world as a ‘left-over colony of white men suppressing the local population’. They regard the terrorists as positive ‘liberation forces’. Many of them struggled for independence against colonial powers in the 1960ies.

The UN agency in charge since 1948 is the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine (UNRWA). It is staffed mainly by local Palestinians. Interwoven and influenced by hate propaganda and terror supporters. It is not the solution, but part of the problem.

The Telegram channel of 3,000 UNRWA teachers in Gaza was filled with posts promoting Hamas terror, praising the killers of October 7, 2023, as “heroes” or “martyrs” calling for the execution of the hostages.  UNRWA teacher Abdallah Mehjez urged the civilians to “serve as human shields” and refused evacuations. In January 2024, reports indicated that some UNRWA employees were involved in the massacre itself and ten percent of them in Gaza were estimated to be Hamas members. As a result, the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Germany and other countries temporarily suspended their payments. The employees were dismissed by the Commissioner General Philippe Lazzarini and an investigation was ordered.

In February 2024 the IDF discovered a tunnel shaft near an UNRWA school, leading to an underground terrorist tunnel beneath UNRWA's main headquarters in Gaza and reported: “The forces found electrical infrastructure inside the tunnel connected to UNRWA's main HQ, suggesting it was supplying the tunnel with electricity—generated by the fuel provided through humanitarian aid. This 700-meter-long tunnel, 18 meters deep, contained multiple blast doors and various intelligence assets seized by the forces. Intelligence and documents found confirmed the offices' use by Hamas terrorists. Large quantities of weapons, including rifles, ammunition, grenades and explosives, were uncovered hidden in the building's offices.”

After all those scandals UNRWA director Philippe Lazzarini declined to step down.

The UN has failed for three generations, keeping the conflict simmering and not pacifying it. This was and still is precisely the strategic goal of the majority of Israel haters. A wrong UN policy on the back of the poor population, whose suffering was perpetuated. A perversion of the UN Charter. A comparison with Germany clearly shows the discrepancy: no fewer than 12 million displaced refugees (17x more) from the East were successfully integrated into the West in just a few years after 1945.

For more than seven decades the UN has been unable to set up a functioning local self-government in the cities and villages. Enough money was available, billions of dollars. But too much corruption. Too little money for future investments. Indirect funding of tunnels, weapons, terrorists and hate propaganda at schools. Well documented but ignored by the funding states and the UN. It is a dysfunctional mess under the golden legacy of United Nations.

There were three nakba, Arabic for “catastrophe”:

When 700,000 Palestinians were exiled and when they were not sufficiently integrated by their Arab neighbors to help them build a new happy life for three generations. And when 605,000 Jews were exiled from their homes in Arab countries.

After all this endless drama, now the main question should no longer be: pro-Israel or pro-Palestine? Rather, the crucial question is: what makes both Israelis and Palestinians happy? Which life do they want to live? An endless struggle? Totalitarian rule by extremists or freedom and prosperity in a functioning democracy, as the 12 million expelled refugees in Germany had chosen. Or maybe living like in Dubai or Qatar.

Needed is a new Grand Vision of a postwar order with peace, freedom and prosperity. Good for all people living in the Holy Land. This task is God-given.

China and Russia love to nail down their main adversary USA in the Middle East again and inflame the New South against Washington. This practice reduces international attention and pressure on their own aggressive Ukraine or Taiwan policies.

Europe prefers empty words most of the time. It has assumed an opportunistic view by refusing to mess with so many other countries in the UN, anyone in the Arab world and pro-Palestinian protesters at home.

Shite Iran, with the prospect of soon possessing nuclear weapons, needs its radical proxies (like Hamas, Hisbollah and the Houthis) to contain the United States and Sunni Saudi Arabia and dominate the Middle East.

The Arab countries continue to give in to the pressure of the street and Al Jazeera propaganda. Many distrust Hamas but prefer to remain silent.

Israel will never be able to change that in the near future. The decades-long Israel bashing and blame game is too seductive for conventional politicians of all kinds in many countries.

No acceptable and creative peace plan can therefore be expected. The pressure of the radicals, the incited population and the media is too great for that, and the Arab politicians' own benefit is too small. Soap bubbles. That is why so many efforts have failed.

It was quite different when there were tangible common interests and advantages with neighbors such as Egypt or Jordan. That worked.

Israel should understand this crisis as a ‘time of change’, as an invitation to think and plan everything anew. Turning away from old paths and blinkers. A turning point. A new beginning.


Following the example of the first German chancellor Konrad Adenauer in the darkest hours of German history in 1945, Israel should embrace the wisdom of genius Albert Einstein. He is our role model and symbol of humanity, creativity and intellect for any Mission Future.

Einstein said:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

“We cannot solve the problems of the world on the same level of thinking on which we have created them.”

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Therefore, Israel should plan and try something new and visionary with humanity, creativity, and effectiveness. The old approach has failed.

Israel should draw a lesson from German history after 1945: Develop a positive grand vision for the future, a Mission Future Holy Land with a Holy Land Union, a project the EU started in the 1950ies.

  1. 4.

Israel should not wait for an agreement with the PLO or the Arab States, but just start the implementation of peace step by step, stone by stone now.

An independent pragmatic active puzzle strategy with hundreds of peace stones patiently placed.

A Do-it-yourself dual strategy of hard and soft peacemaking factors.

Including reconciliation with the moderate Palestinians, promoting respect - instead of a “Greater Israel” ideology. Reducing the radicals on both sides step by step with a containment policy for peace.

With a Mission Future of heart and mind, based on humanity (freedom and tolerance), creativity and effectiveness.

Something former Shin Bet chief (1996-2000) admiral Ami Aylon has been demanding for years:

“We have to completely change our entire posture. There was a complete lack of understanding about what Hamas actually is. It was thought that we could manage it. As a result, we strengthened Hamas and transferred funds. We thought that we separate Hamas in Gaza from the PLO in Judea and Samaria. The heads of the Shin Bet resisted all the way and warned the political echelon.

Hamas is a fundamentalist organization that when it doesn’t succeed becomes more radical. This happened with the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in Iraq, which became ISIS. Hamas is a cruel mutation of ISIS. We must eliminate its military force and political leadership.  It is not a war of revenge, but of defense. But we are not at war with the Palestine people. Now we are in a war without a political goal.

Hamas is an ideology that cannot be eliminated by force, rooted among millions. It can only be eliminated with an idea that overcomes this ideology. A political horizon. A political settlement. Taking years. Pragmatic groups in the Palestine society need to be strengthened. The Palestine Authority is not capable of that.”

Palestinian peace activist Professor Sari Nusseibeh demanded as well:

“There is currently anger on both sides. The Palestinians live under constant threat and violence. If elections were held today, many would vote for Hamas. We must address the roots. We can only achieve peace if each side is prepared to fully accept, recognize and respect the other. We must be able to trust each other again. Israel has relied solely on its military might. It should rather build bridges to the hearts of the Palestinians."

Integrating best practices from all over the world as well the wisdom and ideas of Arab friends, like the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt or Jordan, into the plans, including ideas from Saudi-Arabia. Talking with Qatar as well.

Let peace flow drop by drop until it becomes a strong river.

With a solid new grand design.

Not wishful thinking.

Not new wine in old bottles again.


The old peace strategy of a two-state solution - now propagated again as the philosopher's and diplomat’s objective by the White House, the Europeans and some Arab governments - is built on quicksand without a reconciliation and reform program and is bound to fail if the radicals take power in the new Palestinian state.

Pursuing a comparable approach, the handover of the Gaza Strip in 2005 (very naively co-planned by U.S. National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State Condolezza Rice) was built on sand and failed with the expulsion of Fatah by Hamas in 2007.

The order of peacemaking is crucial. Israel made a mistake withdrawing   from the Gaza Strip. The Israeli settlements there were even destroyed beforehand, what a sign of hatred.

Therefore, a pure focus on a two-state solution is wrong.

What is required, is a broader, smart overall strategy encompassing these cornerstones:

The overall goal should be a Holy Land Union, including Gaza, Palestine, Israel as well as Jordan, the Great Peace Solution. It needs reconciliation as a soul.

It starts with joint projects (as in the European Union in the 1950ies) and a Great Reconciliation. This new design must be planned, announced by Israel and its partners, negotiated with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan as well as the Abraham Accord partners, and signed as soon as possible. Giving all people in the region a clear sign of hope, dignity and peace. Containing the radical forces.

After this first cooling and reconciliation phase and a democratic reform of the PA (possibly lasting five years), the new Palestine state is installed, or an association of the West Bank with Jordan is bound to follow. The conditions and borders are negotiated in the cooling period, supported by the U.S., Egypt and Saudi Arabia and the Abraham Accords nations.

All funding for Palestine, like for UNRWA, must be stopped now and channeled to a more efficient and credible Holy Land Union Foundation, best set up far away in Geneva in order to prevent corruption. Not controlled by the UN, which has failed dramatically and is in-transparent and not credible anymore, but by a council of all donators. Controlled online and publicly with AI and annual reports to the people.

The land-for-peace or strategic depth- thinking is outdated now.

It seems absurd: Israelis and Palestinians are still arguing over olive trees and poor land without much revenue, as they did in the 1940s.

Today, however, the prosperity of any state in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is no longer about agriculture and olive trees, but about modern infrastructure, education and knowledge. It is about INTEL or TESLA factories and luxury hotels in the West Bank with thousands of well-paid jobs. That is why Singapore, Dubai, Doha or the USA and Europe are so successful as the places of longing for many young Palestinians. That is why they leave Palestine, and it still is a more or less rotten place. Without the few talented people, no future.

The support given to the PA so far has prevented all of this as a result of old thinking, corruption and incompetence. If this outdated UN approach continues, there can be no good future for the young generation.

Israeli settlers like to talk about strategic depth, which may be necessary for defense. But in the age of satellites, missiles, drones and cyber warfare, it is no longer a matter of a few kilometers that a tank or soldiers have a head start when attacking. It's about new intelligent defenses, such as Arrow 3 against missiles. It's about intelligence and advance warning and how you interpret them correctly. But that was precisely the weak point on October 7, 2023. Rethinking security is necessary. More land does not mean more security.

The status of Jerusalem is still seen as an obstacle.  Quite the contrary, it should be considered the new Holy City of Reconciliation, dignity for all, hope and peace.

In 1947/48, the UN proposed a neutral status for the center. This corresponds with the importance and dignity of this city, which is holy to three religions.

A fresh neutral status of the Old Town could be negotiated and shaped by the top leaders of the three influencial Abrahamian religions.

This would be a great sign of reconciliation.

Jerusalem should become the Headquarters of The Holy Land Union, in the Old City and center. An Abrahamian Family House, as was built in Abu Dhabi in March 2023, should be erected next to it. It could become a political center of regional peace-making, which meets the religious purpose of the three religions.


Do not focus on the Palestine Authority leadership anymore. It is too old, too ineffective and stuck in the past.

Help to establish a new fresh democratic Mission Future Party for Palestine, which shares the vision of democracy, freedom, prosperity and peace. Empower young people who think like their contemporaries in Israel or Europe.


Announce and initiate a new economic zone step-by-step, The Holy Land Union.

Using the EU as a role model, which developed a new peace order step-by-step starting 1950 in war-torn Europe.

This Holy Land Union would include Israel, Gaza and Palestine, maybe Jordan as well. Later it could encompass Lebanon and Egypt in a regional council.

Start to design an economic plan like in Europe after World War Two, for a new Holy Land Union.


This is the highway to peace, as history has shown in Europe.


Including a huge investment program, reforms in the PA and a modern state designed for the 21st century.


Use the best ideas of the Trump plan from 2020 with an investment of 50 billion dollars. This detailed plan can be implemented in many parts, even without the agreement of the PLO and all Arab states. Combine it with other ideas in different action tools for a new Mission Future Holy Land.


Supported by the U.S., the EU, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. With a fresh joint management of young Israelis and Palestinians. Promoting joint ventures, water projects, schools, universities, highways or farming.

Do not wait for a peace treaty. Act now.

Start today and build peace step by step.

Remove the wall of mistrust and hate stone by stone.

Learn from the global peacemakers.

Peace will ultimately be achieved.

All ideas starting with a big master peace agreement have failed since 1936 and will fail in the near future.

Leave controversial details unresolved. Integrate everyone, except for extremists.

Contain the radicals.

Zero tolerance for intolerance.

Deprive extremists of their hate-pools breeding terrorists.

Keep them from conquering the souls and hearts of people.

Divide et impera.


The vision and concept for The Holy Land must be based on humanity, which includes freedom and tolerance. In this concept there is no place for extremists of all kind and on both sides. Contain and impeach them.

The new policy should be based on a ‘thinking heart and a loving mind.’

A Realpolitik with heart and mind, with humanity, creativity and effectiveness.

What is needed is a fresh young leadership in Palestine, peacemakers, like Adenauer and de Gaulle in Europe, as well as a clear reconciliation policy.


Defense capabilities and military actions against terrorists are necessary and help defend peace and freedom.

Of course, peace for Israel rests on credible deterrent forces, including nuclear weapons. That is a basic necessity.

But hawks alone cannot bring lasting peace to Israel.

Something important is missing.

Incorporate détente and reconciliation as important parts of the raison d’état of the State of Israel. Israel needs a new creative dual survival strategy of Uzi and olive branch or hawk and dove to survive. Current Israeli policy ignoring this promising strategy of peacemaking failed on 7 October 2023 resulting in blood and tears.

Reconciliation should be increasingly placed in the center of Israeli policy as the second missing pillar of a successful peace strategy.

Eric Hoffer said: “A war is only won after you have turned your enemy into your friend.”  Germany successfully accomplished this goal after 1945 with its former arch-enemies France and the United Kingdom, as well as with Poland.

Reconciliation must start at home. Peace needs a united Israel.

To turn Israel into a theocratic, nationalist autocracy was a masterplan to divide the country, teared it apart before the attack, and weaken its strength. It was good for the enemies of Jews only.

Holding on despite the protest of so many people, especially young people, the future of Israel, was neither wise nor productive. It was the tragedy before the tragedy.

It is important to give up the controversial judicial reform ideas (already stopped by the courts), get the protesters into the Israeli family and unite the people.

It is essential to follow the young generation and their dreams, not the grandfathers.

It is important to reconcile the peace activists and the settlers with more dialogue, the mother language of humanity. It helps to forge enemies into opponents and opponents into new friends.


 A pragmatic reconciliation with many friendly steps, symbols of hope for Palestinians and Jews is needed as well, like the Germans did.

Follow Rabbi Hillel The Elder, who said:


לחברך תעשה אל עליך ששנוא מה

Rabbi Hillel The Elder, Sabbath 31a:
”Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.”

Make the lives of Palestinians better and happier.

In Israel and the West Bank and Gaza after the war.

Contain the radicals inside and outside.

Happy people don’t kill, don’t make war.



Make the Palestinians happier and the Israelis safer.

Read our Action Proposal Happiness for more details here.

Start a broad dialogue on the local and regional level with all groups.

Establish your own large social network forum platforms “Mission Future Holy Land” for millions of Palestinian internet users (like Taiwan, Iceland, Estonia did successfully for its people) to discuss and contain hate and propaganda (use Your Priorities,, Mission Future AI).

Make as many Palestinians as possible your new friends.

Give them humanity, hope, dignity, jobs and freedom.

A much better vision of a happy life than terror.

Netanyahu's strategy until October 7, 2023, was the opposite.

But it failed.

Einstein told us: “Do not repeat again and again and expect other results.”

In 2018, a law was passed that defined Israel as “the Nation-State of the Jewish people” and declared as well that “Jews had the unique right to exercise self-determination in its territories”. An afront and tremendous provocation against the 21 percent non-Jewish Israelis and the Palestinians in the West Bank and a departure from the declaration of the founding fathers of Israel and Hillel The Elder and true religion. A dead-end road ending in blood and tears October 7, 2023.

The dream of the religious ultra-Orthodox Zionists of Judaizing the occupied land, expand the settlements, drive out the Palestinian population by humiliating them and make it part of Israel, should stay a bad dream.

First, it is against international law. Second, it is a sin against the true teaching of Judaism. Third, it destroys Israel at the very end from inside and outside; like the German nationalists did from 1933 to 1945. Fourth, for security in the 21st century, territory is no longer as crucial as it used to be. Fifth, true peace is better than owning more olive trees.

This old narrow thinking is not the resurrection but the beginning of the end of Israel.


Learn from successful peacemakers.

The Sant’Egidio method for peacemaking was develop during the involvement and successful mediation of the inner war in Mozambique (1977-1992). It is focused on developing many personal relationships. Understanding for the cultures of the belligerent parties involved is crucial. Producing an atmosphere of cooperation. Getting all state and non-state actors involved. No pressure or ultimatums. Use a network of contacts. In a nut-shell broad open and long dialogue with respect for all. Sant’Egidio shows the need for mutual respect in The Holy Land and the need for dialogue to end hate and war.


Learn from Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu and establish Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, like in South Africa.


Ask Pope Francis and Ahmed el-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and Al-Azhar Al Sharif in Cairo, to advise the reconciliation meetings of The Holy Land Union.

Integrate their wisdom and influence, like the historic Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together, signed in Abu Dhabi on 4 February 2019. Integrate the wisdom of the Chief Rabbis. Make peace in the Holy Land as well a matter of religion and love for humanity.



 Learn from the UAE and copy their religious tolerance policy. Appoint a new Minister of Tolerance and write a National Tolerance Agenda.


Make this an important task of policy in Israel. Announce, finance and build a new Abraham Family House, like done in Abu Dhabi including a mosque, a church and a synagogue.


Build a new Holy Land University in Gaza city, supported by Saudi Arabia.


Free Gaza from Hamas.


Pay for civilian damage in Gaza, as custom in the Arab world, and show good-will.


Build a hospital. Help agriculture.


Establish a fresh young government Mission Future Gaza of peace and prosperity, not the old PLO. Ask the Green Prince for advice.


Make Gaza a showcase of coexistence.



Contain the poison of bias hate-propaganda in the media.


Including Al Jazeera, CNN, YouTube, TikTok or Facebook. By documenting all airstrikes and news and correct propaganda within 24 hours online. By contacting advertisers in each case to stop funding hate-propaganda with their money.


  1. Be positive. Germany has proven that a new peace order is possible after the darkest hours of hate and murder. After 1949 Germany rose out of ruins. 1990 it was reunited. Miracles like that can happen. Make them happen.


Filtered out of our deep historical and political analysis of reconciliation in different parts of the world, Mission Future AI proposes these 18 hard and soft tools for a successful reconciliation of Israeli and Palestinians.


Read our Action Manual Reconciliation here.


Reconciliation in the Holy Land could start with these proposals:   

(1.) Never ever give up the hope for reconciliation. Miracles happen. Be an optimist.

It may look like a mission impossible. Be an optimist. Be positive and look back into history. Miracles of reconciliation had happened several times before.

Here just three examples, like from a Hollywood movie with happy ends:

For centuries, Germany and France were so-called ‘archenemies’. They fought no less than three wars against each other in just 74 years (1871; 1914-18; 1940-45). The first was won by the German Empire. France won the last two. Who would have dared to think of a Franco-German reconciliation, or even friendship, after 1945? And yet it was forged. By courageous politicians with heart and mind.

After Germany's total defeat in the Second World War, when it lost the large eastern territories that had been German for centuries (Silesia, Pomerania, East Prussia) to Poland and the USSR, with the brutal expulsion of 12 million Germans, who would ever have thought that this initial situation could be resolved peacefully with forgiveness and a common future in the European Union and NATO?

Who would have thought that soldiers who fought against each other in the Second World War could one day become partners in NATO?

One example is General Johannes Steinhoff (mentor of Mission Future founder Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann). Steinhoff was a flying ace with 136 kills. He was awarded the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords. A hero in Nazi Germany. When the Bundeswehr was founded in 1955, he joined this new democratic army in the NATO alliance. Became Inspector of the Air Force and in 1971 NATO's highest-ranking soldier as Chairman of the Military Committee. His American deputy was Lieutenant General Edward Rowny (Dr. Hoffmann's mentor too), who had fought against Steinhoff and the Germans in World War II. Now he was his subordinate. They became best friends.

Dr. Fritz Kraemer’s best friend was Ed Rowny. He had to leave Germany (‘with two PhDs and one monocle’, Gen John William Vessey Jr., Chairman JCS) in 1939 because of his Jewish roots. He was drafted into the US Army in 1944, where he met the 19-year-old Henry Kissinger, a Jew from Fürth who had fled to New York with his parents. Older Kraemer became his iron mentor. Both fought in the 84th U.S. Infantry Division against Nazi Germany in the Battle of the Bulge and liberated a concentration camp near Hanover. Kissinger had lost 12 relatives in the Holocaust. Dr. Kraemer's father Dr. Georg Kraemer died in the Theresienstadt concentration camp. Nevertheless, neither of them was bitter.

Kraemer became the mentor of Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann from 1978 to 2003 and founded the World Security Network with him.

We met Henry Kissinger several times, the last time on his 100th birthday party in his former hometown of Fürth in Bavaria, talking about Mission Future AI.

Both ex-Germans and new-Americans reconciled with their old homeland. They differentiated between evil Nazis and seduced Germans. They campaigned for the protection of Berlin during the blockades, integration into NATO and reunification. Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who had served as a first lieutenant in the Luftwaffe, became Kissinger's best friend.

The silent dissolution of the National People's Army (NVA) of the socialist GDR and the integration of young NVA officers into the army of the enemy in 1990 seems almost like a tragicomedy.

Until then, they had faced each other heavily armed as enemies, ready at any time to close in on Germans as Germans. The then Inspector General of the Bundeswehr, General Klaus Naumann, told Mission Future this unique story of the reconciliation of two German armies:

In 1990 the GDR parliament (Volkskammer) decided to join the Federal Republic of Germany. On August 23, 1990, the Ministry of Disarmament and Defence issued an order to demilitarize combat vehicles, ships and aircraft of the NVA forces. October 3, 1990, reunification of Germany in accordance with Article 23 of the Grundgesetz.

No humiliation. No howls of triumph. Instead, a respectful approach with the former enemies of the NVA in thousands of meetings and in bitter decisions.

Never had such a large enemy army been disbanded so peacefully and parts of it integrated into its own armed forces. This respectful manner  contributed to reconciliation in a divided Germany.

With the demobilization of the NVA, the sites, facilities and equipment were handed over to the Bundeswehr, which carried out the liquidation. The only unit taken over from the NVA was the tiny Technology Base for Camouflage and Deception.

11,000 of the 36,000 strong officer cadre of the NVA applied to join the Bundeswehr, with 3,200 transferred.

What particularly impressed the current Colonel Ralph Malzahn: "People were never divided into two categories, according to whether they came from East or West." Everyone was given the same opportunity, but the same was also demanded of everyone. "You felt that you were taken seriously and accepted as a comrade."

280 NVA officers began preliminary training at the Luftwaffe Officer School on September 9, 1990, to prepare them for their new duties as officers in the Bundeswehr. The Luftwaffe used 24 East German MIG-29 jets until 2003.

On October 2, 1992, former members of the NVA joined the former hostile Bundeswehr as professional soldiers for the first time.

Today three of the former Warsaw Pact enemies are NATO generals in a democratic united Germany.

These three examples show impressively that reconciliation between former enemies is also possible today.

Even for Palestinians and Israelis.

Nothing is impossible.

You must want, start and implement it creatively and effectively.


(2.) Moral Statesmen and Women Leaders needed.

Historical and political responsibility requires true statesmen to initiate reconciliation in Israel and Palestine. Like the exemplary Konrad Adenauer and Charles de Gaulle or Helmut Kohl and Nelson Mandela.

Reconciliation can only succeed if politicians preach and exemplify it from above.

Most politicians know how to start a war, but where are the peacemakers?

The aim of true statemen is to make the people happy- see our Action Manual Happiness for details.


(3.) Golden Champions are the catalysts.

Reconciliation needs spiritual leaders, inspirers, icebreakers, courageous people, the champions of reconciliation with heart and mind. And inspired pioneers, thousands of committed participants, a tsunami of reconciliation.

Needed is the courage for reconciliation.


(4.) Symbols of reconciliation.

Reconciliation needs symbols, getting the people’s attention and catching memories and hope. They release our emotions, needed to clear the souls.

Well know is Nelson Mandela, when at the Rugby World Cup Final in 1995 the new president wore the dress of the pure white national Springbok rugby team, who won. A first celebration of white and black citizens in South Africa.

German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and French President Charles de Gaulle celebrated a reconciliation mess for peace in Reims Cathedral July 8, 1962. Famous became a photo when both embraced each other. Both statesmen promised to promote the reconciliation in a united Europe of peace and freedom.

French president François Mitterrand and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl commemorate the Battle of Verdun in 1984, remembering the victims of both sides in the First World War and holding hands in reconciliation. (picture).

Helmut Kohl celebrated a reconciliation mess of the Germans and the Polish at Gut Kreisau November 12, 1989, with Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Poland's first non-communist prime minister. Archbishop Alfons Nossol preached. Both statemen embrace each other with the usual Catholic sign of reconciliation. For the first time 3,000 people of the discriminated German minority in Upper Silesia in Poland showed up in the public.

We visited the impressive National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC. It is a reminder of the bitter times of slavery, the exploitation and disenfranchisement of black people as labor machines. In the middle of a Christian world and an America striving for freedom. What a disgrace. The museum shows the rocky road to emancipation and liberation and the successes of colored icebreakers. A worthy tribute to the victims and the liberators.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Denkmal der Ermordeten Juden Europas) in the center of Berlin, close to the Brandenburger Gate and Reichstag, impresses with 2,711 grey concrete slabs in a grid pattern of 200,000 sq ft since 2005. You can walk through this German Holocaust Memorial and get an impression of the monstrous number of six million murdered Jews. Killed because of the racial mania of a totalitarian dictatorship in which ideology judged people and disenfranchises all opponents and disposes of them as so-called "pests of the people". An ideology of planned genocide, the warning of which is still relevant today.

The memorial shows that reconciliation must always begin with honoring the victims of the past and acknowledging guilt. In other words, with atonement and dignity. This is the base.


(5.) Symbols of successful reconciliation.

In addition to the fighters for reconciliation, a growing number of symbols of successful reconciliation are needed.

In other words, personalities who symbolize the new good and successful reconciliation and better coexistence.

In the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC the two political ice-breakers General Colin Powell, the first African American U.S. National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff und Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, the first female African American Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, followed by U.S. President Barack Obama, are shown at the end of the exhibition. These personalities proof: Yes, reconciliation and fair integration can be done.

(6.) The base is tolerance.

In our world of diversity with 7.8 billion so different people, we have to accept and appreciate that people are very different.

This is God’s DNA of diversity and his will.

We all share the same DNA, as black and white, Americans or Africans.

Tolerance for other people is needed in our world of diversity.

Let us not focus on our differences, but look what we have in common and unites us as human beings globally.

Install a Minister for Tolerance and Reconciliation and a National Tolerance and Reconciliation Agenda.

See all details and our proposals in our Mission Future Action Manual Tolerance.


(7.) Always remember – never forget.

The past with disappointments and horror cannot be undone.

It will be bitter forever and never forgotten.

But you decided to look for a better future as new partner of peace.

We must honor the victims of the time of shadows.

It is our obligation.

Set a symbol yourself- maybe just a flower remembering the victims.

Reconciliate with the up to six million Palestinians outside as well (of 700,000 expelled), as Konrad Adenauer did in Germany after 1945 with Israel and the former arch enemies France and Poland.

Start now with first symbolic payments for lost houses of their grandparents (maybe $ 50,000 each). Respect matters.

Combine it with the memory of 700,000 Jewish refugees from Arab states.


(8.) Justice and reparations.

Reconciliation needs justice, reparation, work on trauma, security building and a long-term and consistent confrontation of the violent past and the guilt of the perpetrators, including their punishment.

Connect with the specialists.


(9.) Spiritual and religious views.

Reconciliation needs heart & mind.

It must include the 3-dimentional human being with all his fears and hopes and roots.

Reconciliation must include the spiritual as well the religious aspects of the local people involved.

It must touch our deepest emotions and set positivity free.

Overcoming the negativity of hate.

A U-turn inside us.

A seldom hour of the stars of humanity.

With passion and human love.

One of those highly emotional moments in our personal life where you have to fight back tears and can hardly speak because it touches you deep down in your soul.

An alliance with the religious and spiritual leaders from both sides is therefore very helpful.


(10.) The Psychology of Reconciliation.

The psychology of reconciliation goes deep into the innermost part of the human being. Into his heart. His soul. His psyche.

"Peace is the Way", Deepak Chopra has been preaching for many years. Mission Future Founders Dr. Hubertus and Yvonne Hoffmann honored him with the Tolerance Award in New York in December 2023. Inner peace comes before outer peace. Forgiveness is needed. Get rid of hate and become happy.

The Dalai Lama told us: “If you want to change the world, begin by changing yourself.”

(11.) Meetings of victims and attackers.

On the personal level victims and perpetrators should meet eye to eye. Best for several hours and more often. Maybe involving the public and media to learn and document. To remember from both sides. Listening to both stories, understanding, searching for common ground and values, maybe even apologizing and forgiving and reaching the new level of planning cooperation together.

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission should be established in Jerusalem.


(12.) Mutual respect of essence.

Start to discover mutual interests and a common emotion of humanity.

Both sides must show respect for the other.

You see the former enemy through fresh eyes.


(13.) Stop negative stereotypes.

Often lasting negative stereotypes about the other group prevent a fresh start. Therefore, it is necessary to leave those behind and change your view of the other.


(14.) The main code of reconciliation is dignity.

This applies to victims but to aggressors as well.

Show a maximum of dignity.

With many small gestures.

It is like cream for the wounded souls.

Dignity is healing.


(15.) Dialogue – no chancel-walls.

We have to accept that being-different of other people. An enrichment, not a threat. This is difficult for us egocentric people.

We must not build chancel-walls around ourselves, but bridges of encounter.

We must not condemn others because they think differently from us. We must talk to them. Try to understand them. Contain our anger at the other person. A dialog circle around the digital campfire.

The reconciliation process requires dialogue.

Dialogue is the mother language of humanity.

It helps to forge enemies into opponents and opponents into new friends.

Dialogue needs intensive listening, understanding and exchange.


(16.) Great National Reconciliation.

We also need an Inner Reconciliation within many torn countries, day-by-day.

To safe our democratic culture and inner stability.

This is true for Israel and Palestine.

Where groups are hostile to each other. For ethnical or political reasons. We must contain and replace it with a fair and human discussion culture.

Like in the Un-United States of America or other democracies.

Reconciliation is the coronation of inner peace. Peace is the way.

Let’s pray and work for it.


(17.) Patience.

A change of minds from enemy to partner needs patience.

Over a long period of time with talking, reflecting, thinking, feelings and emotions.

It encompasses hearts, minds and souls.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama is a master of patience.


(18.) Stubbornness.

There are always setbacks in waves, old prejudices grow anew.

You must not let this discourage you.

Reconciliation must be preached, learned and exemplified over and over again, otherwise it will die like a flower without water.

2. Arab States

What is the vision of the people and the wise leaders in the Arab world?

Fighting forever? Or peace, security and prosperity as a preferable alternative?


  1. Many Muslim and Arab states are riding a razor's edge.Of course, it is convenient to divert attention from one's own failures and the dissatisfaction of the population at home by transferring the evil onto Israel as the bogeyman.But this is extremely dangerous, if one thinks everything through to the end.
    • Israel does not threaten any Arab or Muslim country.
    • The United States will never give up Israel.
    • Israel stops Iran on the spot and wants to prevent the Mullah’s nuclear bomb.
    • Extremists like Hamas are contained there, before infecting Arab states.
    • The country has great high tech and it sends many solvent individuals visit Arab countries.

    Isn't it better to follow the example of UAE, Bahrain and Morocco and establish diplomatic relations and tourism? An extension of the Abraham Accord by Saudi Arabia, for example.

    Wouldn't it be better for the really poor Palestinians to free them from terrorists and oppressors, like Hamas and other groups? Wouldn't the Prophet do that today?

    Why align with the devil and feed him instead of the dove of peace?

    Yes, Israel makes mistakes too - but who doesn't?

    Yes, the Palestinians in the West Bank are too constricted and further expulsion would be a sin and is inacceptable. Their legitimate concerns are too often ignored- that must change.

    But isn't it much better to resolve these issues bilaterally with Israel and case by case? With concrete proposals. Only that will help. Like building new universities, hospitals or hotels in Gaza or the West Bank.

    Why continue to support the PLO, which has proven to be incompetent and corrupt? Why not build a new party of young people?

    But more significantly, why support radicals like Hamas as part of the Muslim Brotherhood?

    Aren't they your own enemies, later?

    Who can guarantee that the Arab leaders will not suffer the same fate as the poor victims on October 7, 2023?

    So far, no one has been able to tame radicals.

    They may be friendly today, when weak and need your funds, but in essence they hate the peaceful and capitalistic orders in states like Qatar, UAE or Egypt. They want a dictatorship without monarchs and democracy and total power for themselves. Look at the Mullahs in Iran, Afghanistan, ISIL or Hamas. Muslim brotherhood leader Mohamed Mursi started in Egypt as an elected democrat, but soon became a dictator. It is their nature.

    Resist the beginnings, would be a wise policy. Or it is too late.

    Who defends the Prophet and the Holy Quran?

    Both forbid massacres of civilians as on October 7, 2023.

    Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and other radicals are manipulating the true peaceful and merciful Islam into a totalitarian ideology. They are only concerned with their power, not the true faith.

    They - and not Israel - are the real enemies of all Islamic states striving for prosperity, peace, religious tolerance and happy citizens.


  1. The Palestinians should learn from the Charter of the Association of Expelled in Germany, who for 12,5 million declared in 1950:“We, the expellees, renounce revenge and retaliation. This decision is serious and sacred to us in remembrance of the infinite suffering which the last decade in particular has brought upon mankind.We will support with all our strength every effort aimed at the creation of a united Europe in which the peoples can live without fear and coercion.We will participate in the reconstruction of Germany and Europe through hard, untiring work.”
3. Europe

It was naive for the EU and the states to believe that millions of dollars of humanitarian aid could be given to the people of Gaza directly, through charities or the UN, without millions of it being misused to buy weapons and build 400 kilometers of tunnels. Nobody can control that. Even medicines can be resold and thus converted into cash and weapons. This is how Hamas terror has been fed since 2005. Stability and peace can only exist without Hamas. That is a fact.

It was a disgrace that Germany repeatedly invoked 'unrestricted solidarity with Israel' as a 'reason of state', but when needed in the UN, conveniently abstained from voting on a ceasefire in Gaza. France even voted in favor. Only Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic voted against the UN General Assembly´s resolution.

It was good that Germany was more courageous in the past. In 1991, Chancellor Helmut Kohl delivered three state-of-the-art German Dolphin-U-Boote from HDW in Kiel (submarines) to Israel free of charge. Israel currently operates six German submarines. which now deter totalitarian Iran with their nuclear cruise missiles. In 2017, Israel purchased three new submarines for € 1.5 billion, which will be operational in 2027, with € 540 million paid by the German government. In 2022, Israel ordered another three submarines of the new "Dakar" class from Germany for € 3 billion, of which Berlin paid € 540 million. They will be operational in 2030. In doing so, Germany secures Israel's second-strike capability and covered over € 1.5 billion of the costs. A great support by Germany, more or less covert.

Europe's Middle East policy has failed miserably. With the attack of Hamas, which the Europeans wanted to pacify with humanitarian aid. You cannot contain extremists. The PLO continues to spread hate propaganda, even in its school textbooks. Europe has been financing a corrupt and ineffective PA regime for decades. This is how you prevent reforms. Again, the EU is too naive, weak and inactive. A new creative reform policy Mission Future in The Holy Land is needed.

The European appeasement policy toward Iran and the focus on trade-deals have also failed completely. More than ever, the people and women are oppressed. Tehran is aggressive in many countries, including its proxy Hamas and the Houthis in Yemen, attacking ships in the Red Sea. The country supports Russia with many drones in its war against Ukraine. In addition, Iran is developing atomic bombs for the next big crisis to come. The EU needs a completely new policy for Iran. No more appeasement. Unequivocal support for the opposition and the formation of an Iranian parliament in exile in Paris with a new democratic constitution. Iran needs change.

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Important speeches can be found here. The “Green Prince”, Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of a Hamas founder, about Hamas and Gaza, the detailed peace plan Trump Vision 2020 and the speeches of the King and Queen of Jordan.

ICJ on Gaza, cease fire and Genocide

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The Genocide Convention from 1948
Diakonia Law Centre, Jerusalem
The Atlantic Council

The “Green Prince”, Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of a Hamas founder, about Hamas and Gaza

United States of America

Trump Peace Plan 2020

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The Art of Tolerance by Mission Future

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