The Trilogy of Humanity + Creativity + Effectiveness

We all need a fresh Mission Future, a new Policy 4.0 based on the three pillars humanity – including freedom and tolerance – as well as creativity and effectiveness.

The Trilogy of Golden Politics.


We need comprehensive reforms in all our fragile states with a ‘thinking heart and a loving mind’.

Especially the fragile democracies. Because that’s where radicals are waiting for their chances. In the past, they have often destroyed democratic foundations from the inside, like Hitler in Germany 1933. Often slowly in steps, until the democrats capitulate, and it is too late.

Radicals of every kind, from the right and left or otherwise, will always exist.

Because totalitarianism (along with the noble love of humanity) is part of the DNA of us all, the imperfect humans. And many people like to believe in simple solutions or blame-games, instead of thinking themselves.

Radicals of any kind are only strong because democrats are too weak.

They are weak because democrats do not solve the burning problems of the voters. They lose trust and credibility.

The failure of the democrats is the humus of the radicals, on which the death flower of the totalitarian seducers flourishes.

Do not blame the radicals, but the democrats to fail.

Only strong democracies are sound and safe.
Inside and outside.

Only with many deep reforms will our countries be able to survive in peacefreedom and prosperity in the 21st century.

To make democracies great again is without alternative.

The problems of today in democracies are deeper than the debates of the day reveal.

Our democracies need a kind of re-make, a refreshing course, with the implementation of many concrete reform proposals.

They need a real reboot, because

One is insane to always do the same thing and expect different, better results” (Albert Einstein).

Nor can we solve today’s many problems at the same level of thinking at which we created them,” he preached.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Hence our fresh and concrete reform proposals as Action Manuals for a much needed “Mission Future“.

We need a better policy with heart and mind, because it cannot go on like this.

The reform ideas of most parties so far are still too vague, ideologically too narrow, not bold and sufficient enough. No jolt, but ideological power plays, delays, Sunday speeches and denigration. That is too little for a healthy democracy.

We need a Mission Future in all countries, a complete creative renovation of many unsolved problems to world standards at the same time. Because that is the only way how we can save our democracies. Only through a real reform program in all areas can we secure freedom, peace and prosperity in the coming generations.

We need a better politics 4.0 that makes our fragile world a bit warmer, friendlier and more beautiful, without political frustration and cynicism, with fewer power troughs and ideologies, and with many concrete, well thought-out and pragmatic proposals for a better future in global competition.

“Mission Future” is a committed plea for a new progressive reform policy 4.0 with heart and mind on the three supporting pillars of humanity (including freedom and tolerance, today highly endangered), creativity (not developed in politics, even undesirable) and effectiveness (speed, learning from best practices worldwide, continuous well-planned reforms instead of standstill).

With many concrete reform proposals in important policy areas.

This is not about a party program, conservative or left, social or liberal or green:

In the global crisis of the century after Corona and a stronger threat from Russia and China, we all need comprehensive reforms with ‘thinking hearts and loving minds’. For only in this way will our democracies survive in peace, freedom and prosperity the great challenges of our time, including the Fourth Industrial Revolution with artificial intelligence, China’s global claim to power, totalitarian thinking and radicalization, migration, pandemics and the destruction of nature.

Many people feel this and want a new future policy and speedy reforms.

  • No thinking prisons.
  • No ideologies.
  • No bubbles.
  • Not just one ideological mega issue in focus, but the whole.
  • Comprehensive reforms in all areas.
  • With harmony and happiness for all.
  • Fit For Future.

A new pragmatic and progressive realpolitik with heart and mind. Learning from the best in the world to shape the future effectively.

As responsible active citizens let’s forge a better future for ourselves and our children with more humanity, creativity and efficiency now.

No more ‘maybe-could-should’, but swiftly ‘do it” with courage for the future, optimism and concrete reform proposals, because this is the only way to save our democracy from demagogues and let peace, freedom, prosperity and nature blossom together.

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