Politics with Heart and Mind

The heart is the centre sensations and feelings in our imagination. This is symbolized by the heart balloon in our logo of a Mission Future.

Mind is the ability to understand, to form concepts, to draw conclusions, to judge and to think, which is indispensable for good politics. A great role model is Albert Einstein, the most innovative genius of the 20th century. Therefore, he is the symbol for mind and creativity in a Mission Future.

We all need fresh, new politics with heart and mind.

A great role model is Albert Einstein, the most innovative genius of the 20th century. Therefore, he is the symbol for mind and creativity in a Mission Future.

To implement this, we need many courageous, pragmatic, forward-looking policymakers. Each country needs new politicians with fresh ideas, honesty, courageous deeds and a good character. Dynamic and energetic personalities and team players with a mission based on humanity, creativity and effectiveness.

We need a balanced mélange:

Shaping a better policy with clear thinking and heart and soul, invent new instruments, and to use the wind of change as a force for a better future on the globe. In the words with a “thinking heart and a loving mind”.

A new policy approach better reflecting the nature of us humans.
With billions of very different individuals on the spaceship Earth.
Our feelings and desires, needs and our mind.
A paradigm shift towards a better political order with rationality and humanity of heart.
A fresh Policy 4.0 that also meets the need of vulnerable nature.
No narrow or ideologically bogged down wishful thinking and no group egoism, but curious openness to the best global ideas on how to shape the future with a will to reform. Green, social, liberal and conservative ideas in a balanced coexistence aiming to protect the globe.

Any idea for better policy must be based very closely on the true needs of different people and must constantly adjust. Not the political convictions and ideologies of the politicians should be the focus, but only the human being.

Good politics must always consider human beings as a whole, in a three-dimensional sense: Their varying economic and social needs as well as their wishes, fears and hopes, strengths and weaknesses, emotions, heart and mind. In short, the entire soul.

The human being alone is the decisive benchmark for good politics.
Politics 4.0 must put love for humans far more into the center than all previous concepts.

We need a new policy that allows people to breathe freely in love and to realize themselves in happiness. That lets their dignity, inalienable human rights and individual freedom blossom.

Totalitarian ideologies are always heartless, because they put their idea above the human being and as a result always strangle human dignity, human rights and freedom. They also create images of hate like “the foreigner” or “the rich man” and divide us. Their politicians promise us paradise, but in the end, they always erect hell on earth. They thus endanger the development of human love.

Nationalism and racism are heartless, because they stigmatize all foreigners and other races as inferior.

Intolerance towards minorities of any kind is heartless, because it violates the dignity of those who are different and attacks the soul of good fellowship in our global village.

Cold turbo-capitalism is too heartless, because it only looks at its profits and not at the responsibility linked to economic power and it ignores the commandment of charity out of selfishness.

Consumerism and excessive materialism calcify the hearts. In the end, it does not make people happy, many even sick. It produces envy, frustration and greed. Game changer corona forced many people to realize what true and a life filled with love is worth.

Therefore, we need:

  • Something really new, human, cordial – a better Future Policy 4.0.
  • No more politics as usual, because it has caused the many world crises and cannot solve them with the old recipes or ideologies.
  • A maximum of creativity.
  • Widespread appeasement, downplaying of problems and pure crisis management lacking comprehensive, well-crafted plans, must end and be replaced by an active, well thought-out, speedy and effective policy instead of merely polite speeches.
  • We need effectiveness.
  • Our heart needs a much better policy. A new global policy with a big, creative, blooming heart. Initiated by a new humane responsible elite with an active global mission future.

Politics for our soul, letting us blossom in dignity.