General Terms of Use (GTU)

for the Mission Future Website and the Action Manuals

  1. Scope, Services and Warranties

1.1 The website and the Action Manuals of Mission (MF), as services of Globalo Venture GmbH (Berlin, Germany, GV), are subject to these General Terms of Use (GTU).

1.2 The website, the various action manuals, newsletters, mails and videoconferences contain analyses and suggestions for effective policies with heart and mind in selected areas.

Naturally, there are divergent and very many different opinions and paths to the goal.

In this respect, MF and GV, as well as all employees, consultants and third parties acting on behalf of both, cannot and do not guarantee the completeness, timeliness, accuracy, usability and feasibility of the statements and suggestions described in the website, the various action manuals, newsletters, mails and videoconferences and the achievement of expectations and goals. Rather, the Licensor and the users undertake to verify all statements themselves and to implement the suggestions under their own complete responsibility.

Regardless of this, any liability is additionally and fundamentally limited to intent and the annual amount of the license. Liability for damages of any kind is excluded.

1.3 A technical interruption of the services up to five working days does not lead to a reduction.

  1. License Agreement and User

2.1 The user concludes a personal license agreement with Globalo Venture GmbH (GV) for 12 months which cannot be distributed to other people. He thus becomes the licensee. He pays per licensed action manual the indicated monthly fee plus value added tax. This fee of 199 Euro (exclusive tax) per month is agreed in this license agreement with the licensee. GV is free to choose which services it offers and when.

2.2 The Licensee uses the Action Manual and the associated services such as newsletters or video conferences himself or with other third-party users. The Licensee is the sole contractual partner of GV. He may name further users with name and e-mail address in his license agreement.

2.3 Only the Licensee and the additional users named by the Licensee may exclusively receive and use the Action Manual content and related services. Forwarding to third parties of any kind and copies are not permitted. Storage in databases is prohibited, except for personal own use by the Licensee and the registered users. In case of misuse, GV may block the licensee without repayment of the license fee. For each individual forwarding address, a special fee in the amount of ten times the annual license fee is agreed and due for each inadmissible recipient.

However, the user may share the open content that can be viewed without a license fee at any time.

2.4 The running period shall be extended by a further 12 months unless the license agreement has been terminated by mail at least six weeks in advance. GV may increase the license fee but must inform the licensee in advance. If he does not cancel at the next possible date, the new fee is considered as agreed.

  1. Acknowledgement of GTU and Data Protection

By concluding the license agreement, the licensee confirms for himself and all users named by him that he has read and understood these GTU and the privacy policy and that he agrees to both.

  1. Jurisdiction and Severability Clause

These Terms and Conditions, all uses of the Website and Manuals, the Privacy Policy and the License Agreement shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.  CISG is excluded. Consequently, the exclusive place of jurisdiction is in the Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin-Mitte.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

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Berlin, February 28, 2024