Dr. Hubertus and Yvonne Hoffmann, from Berlin, have been active in geopolitics and internet in Europe, the U.S. and Asia since many years. The founders of MISSION FUTURE AI believe that good politics is not just about fighting Dr. Evil at home or globally, but fighting with heart and mind for better Realpolitik and improving democracies everywhere. Based on humanity, including freedom and tolerance, much more creativity and effectiveness. The bad guys are not the main problem. The silent majority is. And if politics is too passive, ideologically too narrow or too slow. We can save our fragile democracies only with a new MISSION FUTURE with many reforms. With the wisdom of great thinkers like Einstein, a global network of top experts, Global Golden Champions, digital citizen participation networks and human-curated AI. With concrete Action Manuals for quick reforms. With more dialogue, optimism and still some humor left.