Tolerance Action Manual
We are 7.8 bn so different people, a world of diversity. How can we live together peacefully and happily, despite all our differences? How can we all contain hate and the radicals of all kinds? How can we promote respect, love and more tolerance? Mission Future asked five Nobel Peace Prize Laureates what to do. With our Global Tolerance Initiative, we promote since 2008 The Codes of Tolerance. Here our fresh action masterplan Love is Tolerance for you.

We are 7.8 bn so different people, a world of diversity. How can we live together peacefully and happily, despite all our differences? How can we all contain hate and the radicals of all kinds? How can we promote respect, love and more tolerance? Mission Future asked five Nobel Peace Prize Laureates what to do. With our Global Tolerance Initiative, we promote since 2008 The Codes of Tolerance. Here our fresh action masterplan Love is Tolerance for you.


1. Challenges

2. Facts & Numbers

3. Best Practices


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61 Asians, 15 Africans, 13 Americans (North and South America) and 11 Europeans. 52 women and 48 men. 80 of them would be coloured and only 20 white. There would be 34 Christians, 23 Muslims, 13 Hindus, 7 Buddhists, 11 representatives of other minor religions – only 0.2 percent of them Jews – as well as 10 non-religious and 2 atheists if you imagine reducing the world’s population of 7.8 billion people to a village of only 100. We are today a global village of diversity.
We humans have 23 chromosome pairs. Each individual sex cell differs with regard to its genetic information because due to meiosis there are manifold combinations and recombinations. These combinations of characteristics are the reservoir for biodiversity and adaptation to new environmental conditions. During sexual reproduction parents are not simply reproduced, rather is diversity generated.
terrorist attacks worldwide with 34,000 deaths, including 11,600 perpetrators. 45% were in the Middle East and North Africa, 27% in Asia 15% and in sub-Saharan Africa only 2% in Western Europe (269) and about 1% each in Eastern Europe (132) and the USA (72), counted the University of Maryland in 2016 alone.

Most victims of Islamist terrorists are Muslims themselves.

There are thousands of soldiers or police officers on duty and many worshippers in mosques. Among the victims are many Shiites. They are despised as infidels by the radical Sunnis. Consequently, the issue of tolerance and respect in Islam is a primary concern for the Islamic world itself.

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The Dalai Lama

He is a wise Buddhist man of love and humor from Tibet.

We met the Dalai Lama three times to discuss tolerance, who always answered with this canon of these old Buddhist wisdom:

“My religion is very simple. My religion is politeness. Our minds and hearts are our temples.

Happiness comes from spiritual qualities like love or tolerance. It does not come about of its own accord. You have to create happiness with your actions. Very important is a positive inner attitude, a good heart. From this comes happiness and satisfaction for yourself and others. Love and compassion are not luxuries but necessities. Without them humanity cannot survive. Help others. Be polite. Practice compassion. We must overcome moral relativism, leave the vacuum of in- difference and neutralise the poison of hatred.”

He preached many times and repeated:


“Love, compassion, and tolerance are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.


The essence of all religions is love, compassion, and tolerance.

Kindness is my true religion. No matter whether you are learned or not, whether you believe in the next life or not, whether you believe in God or Buddha or some other religion or not, in day-to-day life you must be a kind person.

When you are motivated by kindness, it doesn't matter whether you are a practitioner, a lawyer, a politician, an administrator, a worker, or an engineer: whatever your profession or field, deep down you are a kind person.

Love, compassion, and tolerance are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.


If you have a particular faith or religion, that is good. But you can survive without it if you have love, compassion, and tolerance.


The clear proof of a person's love of God is if that person genuinely shows love to fellow human being.”


He is our Champion of Tolerance.

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The United Arab Emirates ★★★

established the first Minister of Tolerance globally in 2016. Religious freedom with 48 Christian churches, a Sikh temple. Reconciliation with Israel in 2020 with the very important Abraham Accord and even a synagogue in Dubai and a brand-new Abrahamic Family House 2023.



The Dalai Lama ★★★

a wise global icon of love and humor. The spiritual leader. Does not want to missionize to Buddhism. “My religion is very simple. My religion is politeness. Our minds and hearts are our temples. Happiness comes from spiritual qualities like love or tolerance.”


Pope Francis ★★★

Endless active to promote the inter-religious dialogue between Christianity and Islam and love for mankind since 2013. A Champion of Tolerance with a big heart.


Ahmed el-Tayeb ★★★

Grand Sheikh and Imam of the famous al-Azhar Mosque and University in Cairo, who advocates true peaceful Islam. He joined Pope Francis in the UAE and signed the Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together on 4 February 2019. A milestone of inter-religious dialogue.

The Community of Sant’Egidio ★★

a worldwide Catholic movement of lay people, based on prayer, solidarity, ecumenism and dialogue, based in Rome. Promoting deep dialogue for peace and respect.


is active with the annual global Day of Tolerance each November 16. Not perfect but moderating more dialogue in a difficult world of politics. A bridge needed.

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What to do?
1. Tolerance and love need dialogue and exchange of cultures

Love is Tolerance - Tolerance is Love.

But how can we learn to love others?

Dialogue is the mother language of mankind. It helps us to forge enemies into opponents and opponents into friends. The first step towards understanding, respect, at the end love for mankind and peace.

Therefore, all demands to strangulate dialogue contradict the production of love and tolerance and peace. The ideologies of chancel-culture are a dead-end-road.

The idea of cultural acquisition is not convincing because we should all learn from everyone and adopt good customs and mores. Diversity creates diversity of cultures that have always been in good exchange for 50,000 years.

Be open. For other cultures. Become tolerant.

2. Follow the Tolerance Credo by Mission Future

In a nutshell, here the essence how you can promote tolerance:


“Silent Majority. Wake up. Stand up. Do not leave a vacuum for the preachers of hate, the extremists, the terrorists, the forces of evil. Do not complain about the evil ones, but about yourself, because you are too passive. Light a candle of hope every day. Become an active warrior for love. Promote tolerance and respect every day with many small steps. Join the forces of love and tolerance. Be tolerant out of selfishness. Free yourself in this way. Make yourself great again. Whoever does good, becomes a better and happier person, free from the dark heavy burden of hate. Fight for humanity. Limit racism, extremism and terror. Impeach hatred and the powers of the devil. With zero tolerance for intolerance. Promote humanity wherever and whenever. Fight for good and limit evil. Let us all together create a better world 4.0 for ourselves and our children. Let us build more bridges and not more walls. Tear down our inner walls of mistrust and prejudice. Become more cosmopolitan and say yes to tolerance and diversity – with a thinking heart and loving mind. Get to know other religions, cultures and different ways of thinking and enrich yourself. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself – this has been the Golden Rule of tolerance for 2000 years. Only if you love yourself can you love and tolerate others. Become a polite, better person and make others and yourself happier. Become more human every day, with small friendly deeds. Forgive mistakes, be more gracious and try to reconcile. Turn enemies into opponents and opponents into new friends. Be open. Live and let live. Be kind to everyone. Practice the religion of love. Open your heart. Give love. Be humble. Stand up for love. Love is tolerance and tolerance is love!”

3. Tolerance is not a one-way-street for yourself

Everyone is entitled to respect. Tolerance is not a one-way street.


Those who demand tolerance for themselves must also be tolerant towards their fellow citizens. This applies to minorities and majorities alike.


No one may intolerantly impose his world view on others. Mutual respect is imperative. The majority must take into account the concerns of the minority and the minority must respect the wishes of the majority as a practical concordance of tolerance.


No tolerance for intolerance.
This is the red line for everybody.

4. Wake-up, Silent Majority!

Our main problem are not the few radicals, but the silent majorities. We call on everyone to actively promote tolerance.


We should all be as committed to protecting these fragile foundations of peace as we are to protect our drinking water or the air we breathe.

We must curb the propagandists of hatred and violence against other religions and minorities and thus strengthen the power of love.

But: we do almost nothing for it. It is important that we, the good people, stand up and actively work for the good, contain the radicals and no longer remain silent. Let us light a candle of hope again and again, even when the icy cold wind blows in our faces.


Let us not be silent. Let’s not look away. Let us make humanity flourish in all countries. Without a golden heart our policy is worth nothing. Let us actively promote humanity, respect, freedom and tolerance. Against the evil, the poisonous, the dark power in people. In all countries of the world. Politics needs a good heart and a radiant soul. Otherwise, it will wither away and become a shell without a core.

5. Active Tolerance Agenda needed

Our societies must move away from envy and hatred towards respect and tolerance. With reconciliation. With human love we can ultimately contain hatred and violence. “For with weapons alone we can only achieve cemetery peace. We must learn to hate hatred and kill the killing,” says Archbishop Alfons Nossol in my documentary “Love is Tolerance”.

Radicals and racists of various currents continue to sow too much mistrust, enmity, hatred and violence throughout the world. Let us stand up to them consistently. Wherever.

These hate preachers, racists, extremists and terrorists darken our sun and poison the clear, good thoughts and feelings. They stir us up emotionally, create distrust and anger, hate and violence. They threaten human love and tolerance on our earth.

It always starts small. Exclusion, disparagement, prejudice, mistrust. Then the poison takes effect. Attacks on minorities and dissidents. Finally, violence, terror, murders.

Do we want to live like this, in fear, with hate in our hearts? Should our humanitarian spirit wither away?
What can we as ordinary citizens do about it? How should we act?

How can we curb hatred and stop terror?
First of all, we must analyse for ourselves what we want for ourselves.
In which world are we living today – in which world do we want to live with our children tomorrow?
In our global village we live side by side rather than together, even in individual states.
Dynamic globalisation has its priorities advancing in the economy, finance and communications sectors.

In the 21st century we have yet to achieve interpersonal globalisation with more tolerance, respect and philanthropy. Only then will we be able to allow nine billion people – irrespective of all national, cultural and religious roots – to live together happily and peacefully on a shrinking globe.
No longer every man or woman for himself or herself, but all of us together.
In our diverse, but narrow world, we urgently need to humanise globalisation, developing a vibrant global ethic, the Codes of Tolerance.

Love is tolerance -Tolerance is love – this is the most important substance giving birth to respect, good cooperation, happiness and peace.
We should work boldly and openly for a better world order with vibrant human values. Our response to inhuman totalitarianism.

6. Establish a Minister for Tolerance and a National Tolerance Agenda

A special Minister for Tolerance should be appointed to moderate the dialogue between the cultures and promote tolerance. This person could actively implement a great number of measures, and diverse responsibilities will be devolved to this person. She or he will sit at the cabinet table and will be a contact person of the government, the parliament and the representatives of the minorities.


The Minister for Tolerance should have sufficient staff and resources for the many projects. The appointment of such a special minister attaches great importance to the subject in the political field.


The establishment of a ministry can be compared to the establishment of representatives for disarmament affairs and ministers for environment protection in the 1970s and 1980s. Since then, both political issues have achieved significant status in politics and public life.

The wealthy, but tiny Gulf state United Arab Emirates (UAE) does not only have the highest building in the world but a visionary leader as well. The esteemed leader, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, appointed a new cabinet including seven young women in February 2016. He also established three new ministries for tolerance, happiness, and future. Al Maktoum explained: “The newly appointed ministers will drive policy to create social good and satisfaction. We have now more ministers capable of dealing with change. We want a young and flexible government that will fulfill our youth’s aspirations and achieve our people’s ambitions. A new Minister of State for Tolerance will inculcate tolerance as a fundamental value in the UAE.”

The first Minister for Tolerance is Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi. We had the honor to meet her in Abu Dhabi on March 12, 2017, and to discuss how to work together with the Global Tolerance Initiative. “Tolerance is from people to people, to think about your values. It is in our DNA. Islam has been hijacked by political parties,” she said. “The UAE and its people are a melting pot of tolerance, cohesion, respect, and acceptance of others. Tolerance is one of our core values,” is written in the introduction of her first National Tolerance Program. The pillars of tolerance are “Islam, the constitution, Zayed’s legacy, international conventions, history, human nature and common values.”


Every country should establish a National Agenda for Tolerance as well, which provides a framework for the diverse problems, measures and presents actions to be taken in the next four years. This agenda should share its findings internationally, so other countries can learn from the recorded information.


Governments should submit an Annual Report on Tolerance to the national parliaments. This report should identify the problems and the progress in the coexistence of the different religions and ethnic minorities. Such an annual report has three advantages: First, the administration is forced to present its activities in a correlated form, which tests their effectiveness, transparency, and accountability. Second, once a year the issue is a subject of debate in parliament. Third, the media and the public are frankly informed about the problems and the progress, and they in turn report on these.

7. How to make peace by stopping hate

Peace can only be achieved if we effectively curb the means of power and hate propaganda of evil and at the same time achieve the spread of global tolerance with a fresh new dual strategy World 4.0.

We need both: the protective falcon and the dove with the message of peace.

A fulfilled life for more tolerance and respect, in which we defend our basic global values and curb evil.

With human love instead of hatred in the souls and hearts of our children.

We need a global vision and a soul.

We need globally accepted moral values, the Codes of Tolerance, good examples and their continuous dissemination. We must all actively promote greater tolerance. We should set an example and propagate the codes of tolerance.

All of us – Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus or Buddhists, believers, disbelievers or non-believers – must make the world a better place with our small contributions.

We have power, influence and lots of creativity – let’s use it. We must overcome our complacency and passivity. We owe that to our children and to ourselves.

We appeal to the responsible elite to finally take personal responsibility for the victory of tolerance and respect.

Let us create a better world of harmony and respect for our children.
As an elite, we not only have the choice but also the duty to take action.

If not us, who else? Why not now?

8. Promote the Codes of Tolerance in your group

We live under the illusion that tolerance, peace and love of humanity will prevail, if we simply sit back and take things easy, and do nothing. Our passivity is also based on the misconception that tolerance is the standard condition.

Tolerance is not a natural state but must be established anew every day and everywhere. This task reminds us of the question by a lady from New York to a lord, whom we both met in the summer of 2009 at a dinner in The Queen’s College on High Street in Oxford. She wanted to know how the wonderful green lawn in the inner courtyard was maintained. “Quite simply, my lady,” replied his lordship, “you only have to cut it very short twice a week, roll it once and fertilize it once a month in the summer – and then please continue like this – for 500 years.”

We must practice tolerance on a daily basis in our small global village. Only this continuous and tedious process can foster the implementation of tolerance over many decades.

If we join together now, we can work to obtain a new world ethos where love and harmony will flourish in all nations.

If we do not nurse the sensible lawn of tolerance, it will become wild and overgrown with the weeds of hatred.

In actual life, we must water and foster the delicate grass of tolerance daily, so that it stays green and grows. The focus of the ethic of tolerance should be thousands of mosaic-like local grassroots campaigns and positive best practices; these are the local catalysts of good coexistence.

Whether as a pessimist, devout Christian, Muslim or free spirit. Only if we ourselves take many small steps towards improving our world can we bring about change for the better and put the minority of radicals in their place.

Let us not wait for the UN and our politicians. Let’s just get citizens started.
Let us show our children: A better world is possible. We must act.

Let us learn from the world religions the Golden Rules of Tolerance.
Let us open a new personal chapter in the book of tolerance with more respect and human love in our global village.

Let us reconquer the dark corners of our world from the radicals. Let hate and violence melt away like snow in the spring sun. With the fire of human love, wisdom, courage, determination and global responsibility.

Let us all together create a better World 4.0 for our children and ourselves.
Peace is not possible without active peace policy and reconciliation. Only a well-planned and consistent dual strategy World 4.0 of power and diplomacy, combined with reconciliation, promises success.

World peace must rest permanently and securely on two pillars.
The soul of the people, the suffering of the oppressed and their violated dignity are forgotten in one-sided, cold power politics.
It cannot reach the heart of peacemaking.

We need a new worldwide movement, a tsunami of tolerance.


Existing attempts are not sufficient and are, in terms of effect, weak. We are only at the very beginning which means we all have much work to do.

Not the advocates of tolerance, but the few radical preachers of hatred and the extremists dominate our current world agenda. Since the masses and the elites around the globe do not take their full responsibility for promoting a world in harmony, but remain in their passivity, we are stuck in a limbo where tolerance is still not a main objective.

The Codes of Tolerance emerged in recent years from numerous conversations around the world with religious leaders, politicians, scholars and citizens who are committed to establishing peaceful coexistence in our global village. Also, many brilliant attempts at tolerance are highly theoretical. Calls from the United Nations and politicians remain on paper only, unless they are implemented and practiced by the people who are responsible.

The demand for more tolerance must be transferred from the circles of scholars and the Sunday speeches of politicians and religious leaders into specific projects. 


We need practicable driving belts of transformation that effectuate golden ideas into realities. 


We need many traversable local bridges between the inter-religious speeches and calls of the politicians on one side, and the local people on the other side.

We need shining examples of tolerance in religious communities, schools, politics, science, culture, sports and the media, with models of reconciliation and more champions of tolerance from all parts of the world and all religions.

Only in this way can we break open the armor of distrust and hatred, which will enable us to create a lasting peace in the conflict regions of the world.

The Codes of Tolerance provide suggestions for understanding and actively promoting tolerance and respect toward other religions, ethnic minorities and races. The Codes focus on these three groups, because the need for rules of tolerance and respect for a global order of harmony appear to be greatest there.

The Codes of Tolerance are formulated universally and apply to all people, to a Christian in New York or Rome just as to a Muslim in Mecca or Kabul, or to a Hindu in Mumbai. These rules address the responsible elites in all countries of the world. They are a call to the bourgeois majority, mostly materialistic, to become active and show moral courage.

Codes will be presented for important groups who have great influence on the development of tolerance and respect. These groups consist of parents, educators and schools, religious and political leaders, journalists and the media. Finally, laudable initiatives from the areas of sports and culture will be mentioned.

Our 60 Codes of Tolerance are enriched with 80 best practices.

The Codes of Tolerance show every citizen can help to create a better world. They are practical instructions for each of us. Parents and schools, religious leaders, media and journalists, political decision-makers, for sport and culture. 80 examples (best practices) from all over the world prove that our global village can be made more tolerant and peaceful if the Silent Majority becomes more active.

They show the how people all around the world have effectively put these demands into practice. This gives reason for hope and shows that tolerance is feasible.

At the same time, the Codes provide traversable bridges from abstract theory to practical application. By initiating a chain reaction, we can accomplish the growth of more tolerance while simultaneously curbing evil.

The Codes of Tolerance should not be viewed as a complete ethical codex. They are first specific proposals and suggestions to become active according to the best practices. They should be supplemented and further developed all over the world.

Read, digest and promote the different Codes of Tolerance:

Codes of Tolerance for All of Us

Codes of Tolerance for Parents

Codes of Tolerance for Educators and Schools

Codes of Tolerance for Religious Leaders

Codes of Tolerance for Journalists and the Media

Codes of Tolerance for Political Decision-Makers

Codes of Tolerance in Sports

Codes of Tolerance in Culture

9. Use our Documentary “Love is Tolerance – Tolerance is Love – Make Tolerance great again!”

It is a global search for the Champions of Tolerance and how we can make tolerance great again to contain all extremists. Describing the value of diversity and respect towards social minorities and other religions. Including statements from The Dalai LamaMalala, Yusuf Islam, and many young people.


The film is the first profound and cutting-edge documentary asking how we can contain hate-mongers, extremists, and terrorists of all kinds, and how to promote the human values of the United Nations to make love and tolerance great again.

Whether you are Christian, Jewish or Muslim, black or white, man or woman, the film addresses the intense discussions of the dignity of Mexicans, Jewish, Muslims and people from ethnic minorities in America, and what everybody all around the world can do to promote love and tolerance and contain the radicals.

This is the first film to delve deeper into women’s rights in Islam and the urgent need for tolerance worldwide. The film includes modern digital design and artistic elements, recalibrating what is typically seen in a classic documentary, with the purpose to speak to the younger generation at their frequency – so to activate the millennial and Gen Z generation to contain radicals and appreciate diversity.

Political Zeitgeist producer Hubertus Hoffmann has done research for the film for ten years. In his book Love is Tolerance, he writes of The Golden Rules and Champion of Tolerance in the world, covering places, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The book was published in six languages, including Arabic.

The film profiles the first ‘Minister for Tolerance’ in the worldMariam al-Mansouri, first female Muslim F-16 pilot, leading United Arab Emirates (UAE) mission airstrikes against ISIS, and covers what education is for tolerance and religious tolerance in the UAE – subject matters often not spoken about and quite unknown. The film also includes exclusive statements from two Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi, and famous singer Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), about women rights and tolerance in the Qur’an.

Hoffmann wanders the globe, traveling to Brussels-Molenbeek, known as ‘The Terror Nest in Europe,’ and Hoffman’s hometown Goslar, Germany, covering the integration of Muslims, containment of terrorists and the loss of personal roots.


In Israel and Palestine, the director finds ‘Champions of Tolerance’ on both sides – a Muslim family, gatekeepers of the holiest church in Christianity for 1300 years; a Palestinian from Jenin, who donated the organs of his son (killed accidentally by an Israeli soldier), to six children of his enemy; a Jewish lady from Haifa visiting the family of the young suicide-bomber, who had killed her husband.


With its unique global search for The Golden Rules and Champions of Tolerance, Love is Tolerance – Tolerance is Love includes exclusive interviews with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, presents The Rules of Tolerance in Buddhism, and visits a Hindu healer in Ubud, Bali. The film also looks for fresh approaches in the rainbow nation of South Africa.


God’s DNA is diversity. Life is diversity in our global village, tells the film.

Young people from different origins speak out, ending with a plea and concrete Codes of Tolerance – how everybody can promote love and make tolerance great again.




Watch the Trailer:


Directors Cut, long 82 min, from 2018:

pw   loveistolerance2018

10. Use our Art of Tolerance

The Art of Tolerance, by Mission Future-founders Hubertus and Yvonne Hoffmann, includes photos of the Global Champions of Tolerance, video-installations of the Codes of Tolerance and the Globe of Tolerance. They can be requested for exhibitions [email protected].

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Here is our Mission Future List of excellent global partners for you to learn from and connect, to solve the problem quick, creatively, effective and with humanity:

The Global Tolerance Initiative by Mission Future
The United Arab Emirates

National Tolerance Programme

Pope Francis

Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together on 04 February 2019.

The Dalai Lama

"Love, Compassion and Tolerance" by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, from For the Love of God by Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shield (editors), 1990

Ahmed el-Tayeb, Grand Sheikh and Imam of the al-Azhar Mosque

Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together on 04 February 2019 with Pope Francis:

Community of Sant'Egidio, Rome

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