Let us launch comprehensive reforms in our countries worldwide. ‘Fit for Future’ – for a better future.

Let us courageously and actively save our liberal and cosmopolitan democracies with a new future oriented policy.

Our Mission Future.

In pursuing this course, we can preserve our freedom, prosperity and democracy and can promote the values of the UN worldwide.

Moreover, we would be able to contain and restrain all kinds of populist and totalitarian trends.

Conducting a fresh, pragmatic Realpolitik with Heart and Mind

With a Thinking Heart and Loving Mind.

Following the wise suggestions and legacies of great thinkers like Albert Einstein, Karl Popper and Karl Dietrich Bracher.

Including the eternal wisdom of the great Chinese thinker Confucius, who already 2,500 years ago demanded:

“Rule the country with decency and kindness as a noble person in harmony with others and nature. With a proper balance. With respect for people and much humanity. In addition, rightness. Always in balance and in the middle.”

A moderate, middle-of-the-road policy.

Future-oriented with an enthusiasm for many quick reforms. Guided by pragmatism and common sense instead of ideological blinkers.

These guardrails would permit a policy aimed at improving courage for freedom, creative reform proposals and respectful discussions in every nation.

This is the only way to safe our fragile democracies the next 100 years from the different forces of totalitarian seducers from inside and outside.