Why politicians hate creativity

Good politics is unthinkable without creativity.

Creativity encompasses the ability to think creatively with imagination and to venture into new spheres.

To invent, create, and improve something that is useful to man.
Rigid totalitarian systems always fail because they lack the elasticity of creativity and the freedom of thought and ease of new creation. This is where ideology sets the course allowing no deviation. The leadership clique and an omnipotent bureaucracy decide on the new and always fail in this Herculean task. 

Creativity requires the oxygen of individuality.
Conformity and bureaucracy kill it.

This teaching also applies to our democracies – the danger of ossification.

Our politicians and their staff in ministries and subordinate levels need training, guidance and rewards for these skills finally generating creativity. 

Being open-minded, self-critical and questioning conventional wisdom. Finding and abiding by world best practices. Changing perspectives. 

Determination for quick action, instead of endless discussions. Intuition. Imagination. Ingenuity. The ability to learn and to select the best ideas. 

No hierarchical thinking, but instead also accepting new ideas from employees. Recognising creativity by promotions. Much more time for reflection and open team discussions. Furthermore, permanently adapting to new, better concepts. 

With a fresh Mission Future, we must break the old thinking in politics.
And today? 

Have we forgotten their wisdom? How do we shape our future? 

In politics – the method, manner and form of governance – the future-oriented thinking of Einstein and Hawking demands the ability to create something new. With curiosity, a better order that benefits people in all areas of life, making them happier. Using new technologies: Political creativity. 

Without creativity there is no progress.

Without progress there is standstill. Freely adapted from the bon mot in the Paris Bar in Berlin: Stand still and rot. Curiosity, imagination and new levels of thinking are essential for progress. Without them, we rust and lose our viability. Today we need these intellectual skills and food for thought at the level of political parties, administrations and governments. In all countries of the world.

Politics must emerge from yesterday’s rigid ’’thought prisons’`. 

A departure from the illusion or ideology of knowing everything better and knowing the answers in advance. 

We cannot solve the problems of the 21st century with 100-year- old ideologies and outdated politics gambling away our future. This applies to today`s situation more than ever before. In a fierce global competition for the distribution of work, prosperity and the value of freedom and human rights. 

Can the open, democratic system survive in the 21st century, in competition with radicals at home and the totalitarian super- power China abroad? In a globalised world of unlimited competition with the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Will democracy rot by stagnation from within?


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