The Will to Assume Responsibility

Do you belong to “the elite” if you are wealthy, noble or famous? Maybe. But indeed elite encompasses all people possessing special abilities. The elite has special obligations toward the community in accordance with the old slogan ‘noblesse oblige’ – nobility (elite) obligates. In other words, not resting on one’s laurels or egomaniacally squandering money for private activities but taking an active part in shaping a better future for the people.

We need a new elite assuming responsibility in every country. They are crucial for sound politics.

Sir Klaus Schwab said in Davos on January 18, 2012: “Capitalism in its present form no longer fits the world we live in. We urgently need global change and the beginning of a global responsibility”. This is true.

Values such as integrity, honour, discipline and service to the state are indispensable. Not one’s own career, but values should once again become more central to politics.

In the words of German-American geostrategist Dr. Fritz Kraemer:

  • Character counts – not position and title.
  • A strong personality for the right decisions.
  • Inner independence.
  • A code of honor to be followed.
  • No opportunism that sails with every wind.
  • Standing up for one’s beliefs.
  • Remain committed to truth even if risking one’s career.
  • Courage as well as an iron will in resisting fanatics.
  • Shaping reality instead of just adapting to it.

A new spirit has emerged during the Corona crisis. A trend moving away from maximum materialism towards the quest for values. Less consumption and stronger commitment to shape a better world. New politics must be increasingly focused on values such as humanity, honesty, reliability, loyalty, tolerance, freedom, helpfulness and charity.


  1. We all should take more responsibility for a better policy for the future. Open ourselves to the new and discuss it freely. At every point in society.
  2. Let us again measure the proposals in political parties and parliaments against human values and concrete visions of the future.
  3. Let us pay more attention to the character and abilities of politicians than to their words.
  4. Let us support the new thinkers, the courageous, the honest.
  5. Expose and disqualify the adapted yes-men and careerists.

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