Resolutely Combating Corruption and Bad Governance

According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, the countries with the highest levels of corruption in Africa include Libya, Equatorial Guinea, Southern Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Burundi, Chad, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Angola.

In Afghanistan the Western aid worth billions hardly reached the ordinary people. A lot ended up with the politicians. The country is in fifth place among the most corrupt countries.

But there are also unconventional forms of illegal payments in Western countries. In the Eastern and Southern member states of the European Union, many big deals often involve corruption.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), many billions are squandered by worldwide by corruption – a misuse of a public office for private gain. There is no money to finance the future. In its report “Fiscal Monitor: Curbing Corruption” in April 2019, the IMF presented detailed inves- tigations and proposals dealing with this issue.

Fighting effectively against corruption and incompetent governments is a key political task.


  1. In cooperation with Transparency International and the IMF, each parliament submits an Annual Corruption Report and implements the best ideas of the two organisations. An open list shows what kind of monetary benefits politicians and their relatives and parties may legally receive, and which are prohibited.
  2. Members of Parliament, ministers and civil servants must submit to the competent public prosecutor’s office an affirmation in lieu of an oath concerning all meetings with lobbyists and the receipt of grants. The information is examined on a random basis.

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