No Power to Drugs

Remember those drug victims? Whitney Huston, Michael Jackson, Prince, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley. Didn’t they die much too soon? We mostly remember the celebrities. Let us not forget the many others. Young people, the future of the country.

In the USA alone, more than 67,000 people died from drugs in 2018, and more than 750,000 people lost their lives worldwide. Half were under 50 years of age. Does that fit into our idea of humanity and progress?

In August 2019, customs seized 4.5 tonnes of cocaine on a container ship in the port of Hamburg. In June 2020 the police found 84 million pills of the stimulant Captagon near Na- ples. Its market value per delivery was one billion euros.

We are inundated with drugs of all kinds.

The head of the Dutch Antidrug Agency told us how dramatically even the newly cultivated genetically manipulated plants work: “Today marijuana is 13 times stronger than in the days of Woodstock. It is addictive. Hands off!”

How many people do we know whose drug careers started with pot, who now need cocaine or heroin? Far too many – journalists, students, bankers, lawyers, artists. Some are still alive – for how long? Too many have already died from it.

Snorting of cocaine has reached a level that should frighten us. The fashion drug has reached the Wall Street, Hollywood and London. After consuming the white powder, many eat vegan food, because they want to lead a healthy life.

Cocaine first makes you self-confident, then depressed, aggressive, sick and costs a lot of money.

Cocaine kills you. Not only the drug addicts, but even more individuals involved in production and transport. Many thousands in poor countries like Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia or Mexico.

At least 80,000 Mexicans were killed in the war on drugs in this country alone. 60,000 disappeared without a trace. Over 230,000 Mexicans have escaped the war on drugs. In 2019 there were 100 homicide victims a day, more than 36,000 murders. Another 180,000 will be killed by 2025 if drug addiction does not stop.

Worldwide mass murder – ultimately for fun and private pleasure. How disgusting and antisocial.

The jungle, which is worthy of protection, is also suffering massively as a result of drug consumption in Western societies. The chemical production of every gram of cocaine destroys four square kilometres of virgin forest. By the way, the farmers are exploited because they receive only 1.1 percent of the turnover.

Treatment of drug addiction costs billions, missing in aid projects for the homeless or poor in and around the world.

Only one group profits: the criminal drug cartels and the dealers.

Drug use is fatal in the triple sense and therefore unethical, inhuman and irresponsible.


  1. No power to drugs. Zero tolerance and consistent prosecution of cartels and dealers.
  2. A new dual strategy to punish the use of narcotics by means of regulatory law and at the same time to step up the fight with more manpower against organised crime and international drug traffickers. 

If you want to learn more about Mission Future you can find our 600 pages book with 200 concrete reform propsals here.