More Honesty and Humility

We humans cannot know everything. We are not made for this. The ocean of knowledge is too big and is getting bigger and bigger.

But there is the ‚Superhuman‘, the politician. Outstanding politicians are said to have miraculous powers. They know and can do everything and do it better than anyone else. A modern political fairytale for the citizens. The remnant of the divine grace of former ruling kings and subjects.

Everyone is wrong, but apparently our politicians are not. They are true supermen and superwomen, a kind of Batman or Spiderwoman. The credibility, the oxygen of our democracies suffers under this legend.

We must expose this erroneous, messiah-like belief for what it is: pure nonsense. You can get into topics well, but nobody can know everything. Humanity’s knowledge is far too great for that, and the dynamics worldwide are too fast.

It is time for our politicians to say: “I don’t know. “ And the media must embrace this new honesty. The new culture of discussion also should include the sentence: “Sorry, I was wrong, and know it better today.” When was the last time you heard this statement from a politician?

Then there are top liars à la Pinocchio, such as Donald Trump, who conjure from true untrue and from untrue true and don’t even want to know the difference anymore. True is what flatters and untrue the rest. More than 20 000 lies in four years. Fake news as new political pop art from America.

It becomes surreal when a party politician with no experience in the field is suddenly appointed minister for reasons of proportional representation or gender. After just a few days, journalists ask him or her about his or her expertise in his or her area of responsibility. But he or she knows nothing at all, can only read off words prescribed by speechwriters, like a political robot. He or she simulates knowledge without foundation. A pretentiousness and appearance instead of rea- lity. When leaving, he or she pretends to be an expert because he or she once wore the mantle of the high office. This is illusion politics like the disappearance of the white lions in the Siegfried & Roy magic show at the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Interestingly, the problem can be solved if the permanent learning and reform approach is pursued. Any politician can then say without blushing: “Now I have a better plan”. Because that’s what real life is like outside the political bubble. It changes all the time. That is a fact. We citizens and the media should take politicians as they are: not superman or superwoman but making mistakes like you and me. Our politicians should not take themselves too seriously and simply be human. This includes more humility and humour, honesty and thus credibility.

This promotes the culture of discussion and the vitality of democracy.


  1. Let us demand more honesty and humility from our politicians. Boldly expose lies, half-truths or fake news.
  2. The new culture of discussion must include the sentence: “Sorry, I was wrong and know better today.” As well as the desire for better solutions.
  3. An end to the subservient fixation on big titles and big slogans instead of substance, honesty and character.

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