More Courage to Make Decisions

Too many politicians spend too much time looking for possible solutions to problems, but they mostly come far too late. They so often miss the right moment. We know from business that the right timing is often much more important than the best strategy, which comes too late. See the coronavirus mismanagement.

They are afraid of failure and try to find the perfect solution. There is no such thing. All decisions are based on actual knowledge. A few years later you are always smarter. In this case, decisions should be corrected quickly. The paralysing fear of failure is poison preventing quick and courageous decisions. Making adjustments is much better than doing nothing.

We need more courage to make decisions and must give up customary refusal rituals. Too often, politicians or civil servants refuse to absorb, discuss and understand new ideas. Unconvincing counterarguments are feverishly presented. Creative new thoughts are diluted and talked down until the status quo ante is re-established.


  1. No fear of failure. Courage for creativity and new ideas.
  2. Action instead of eternal dithering and stewing in the old patterns of thinking.
  3. Give new approaches a chance. Quickly improve them, if necessary, after having gained empirical evidence.
  4. Pragmatic approach with a sense of reality and courage to make decisions – approaching truth with common sense.

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