What can we learn from the Corona and world crises, from the many mistakes of the past and from great thinkers?
With what kind of ideas should we start our Mission Future? What are the principles for a better Policy 4.0?

Let us launch comprehensive reforms in our countries worldwide.
‘Fit for Future’ – for a better future.


Let us courageously and actively save our liberal and cosmopolitan democracies with a new future-oriented policy. In pursuing this course, we can preserve our freedom, prosperity and democracy and can promote the values of the UN worldwide. Moreover, we would be able to contain and restrain all kinds of populist and totalitarian trends. Conducting a fresh, pragmatic Realpolitik with Heart and Mind. 


With a Thinking Heart and Loving Mind.


Following the wise suggestions and legacies of Albert Einstein, Karl Popper and Karl Dietrich Bracher. Including the eternal wisdom of the great Chinese thinker Confucius, who already 2,500 years ago demanded: “Rule the country with decency and kindness as a noble person in harmony with others and nature. With a proper balance. With respect for people and much humanity. In addition, rightness. Always in balance and in the middle.” A moderate, middle-of-the-road policy, but not of mediocracy. 


Future-oriented with an enthusiasm for quick reforms. Guided by pragmatism and common sense instead of ideological blinkers.
These guardrails would permit a policy aimed at improving courage for freedom, creative reform proposals and respectful discussions in every nation.

Let us promote more democracy in political parties and parliaments. Let us initiate a new culture of free discussion enriched by new thinkers. Our democracies need more effectiveness and quicker decision-making. Today they are increasingly dominated by mediocrity in the old par- ties. They remain encrusted, ideologised, uncreative and constricted in the phraseology of their own narrow corset of thought. They have lost their responsiveness and vibrancy and are no longer up to date. 

In all political parties, regional and national parliaments, municipalities and ministries, “Mission Future” working groups should discuss ideas of a new Policy 4.0 and swiftly implement it with concrete proposals.

We need a new Policy 4.0 based on the three basic pillars of humanity, creativity and effectiveness. These are essential for people’s happiness and sustainable progress.

No policy without humanity. 

No policy without creativity. 

No policy without effectiveness.

Humanity is heart and soul. Freedom is our oxygen. Tolerance creates intensive cooperation. More humanity. Practicing social responsibility for the needy and rejecting cold turbo-capitalism lacking soul and responsibility.

Developing more creativity at all levels is a must for the future. Maximum creativity is central to more effective policies in the 21st century. It is the thinking Ferrari-engine for progress. Encrusted structures and old thinking must be radically broken down and overcome.

More effectiveness is needed. An end to the dangerous superficiality in political thinking, talking, planning and acting. Instead, thorough thinking and planning and rapid action. Effective quality control linked with steady improvement and rapid reworking. The search for role models around the world. Learning from the best and the brightest and quickly adopting their success models.

Let us actively defend the values of freedom and human rights worldwide and overcome the cowardice and passivity of the bourgeoisie.

Let us start an open-minded Mission Future. Instead of blinkered thinking and bureaucratic gridlock, a perpetuated capacity for reforms in all areas.
Nobody knows exactly how the world and a country will develop. So, we must never act with yesterday’s recipes, but be open to new ideas and reformist approaches. Every nation needs a reform process constantly challenging itself and correcting decisions promptly. A dynamic government of common sense and empathy. That alone is good policy for the future.

Policy 4.0 is anti-totalitarian and resolutely democratic. The happiness of the citizens is the state mandate. No blinkers and thought prisons from old or new ideologies, instead a fresh and pragmatic Realpolitik with Heart and Mind. Neither left nor right, conservative or socialist, not red, black or green, but an innovative, open approach towards the future generating and using the best ideas. No prohibition democracy, but a maximum of individual freedoms. Diverse and pluralistic designed for people of all walks of life. We-the-People as one nation.

The aim is achieving a practical concordance and a synthesis of the manifold wishes of different citizens and the task of actively shaping a better future. Politics must not be limited to a major Zeitgeist issue but needs to satisfy all the needs of all citizens at the same time. This includes the core tasks of the state such as the maintenance of freedom and security, labor or welfare as well as environmental protection.
Many people without a strong lobby in politics and the media should be able to bring their issues into the political discourse. The interests of women, children, young people, families and senior citizens should enjoy greater respect. Feeling good at home, anchored in the homeland, is central to people’s happiness and thus political stability. Politics must therefore not be dominated only by the elites of the big cities and their wishes, but must also take into account the many people in the small towns and in the countryside and their needs.

Socialism has failed miserably in 100 years in 50 countries comprising two billion people. 70 million citizens died in those socialist countries. It always ended with a few wealthy party functionaries, poverty of the masses, loss of freedom and a nasty dictatorship. Therefore, this immature socialist idea cannot be a recipe for a good mission future but is only a repetition of a great mistake and a poisonous illusion.
Turbo-capitalism lacks soul, heart and sense of responsibility.
That is why the Social Market Economy – developed in Germany after WW II – is the best economic model in the world. We must fill it with life, nurture the middle class as its economic basis, protect the environment and strengthen the social fabric at the same time.

More environmental protection is good and necessary. But we must not forget the people, because they are also an important part of nature. We need harmony between people and nature, the employment of new green technologies for both, but not radical orgies of prohibition and dictates killing people’s happiness and ending in an new eco-dictatorship, as George Orwell so aptly described it in his novel “Animal Farm”.

We should build a new responsive elite in all areas and support young talent with large mentoring programmes at home and abroad. Every country needs new bright thinkers as rough diamonds for progress.

Politicians as well as employees in the public sector ought to serve peoples’ needs. They should avoid empty words and promising miracles. Instead, they ought to improve planning and show more creativity and innovative spirit. Politicians need to act as the service providers for the happiness of us citizens. The goal should be a steadily improving harmonious society allowing different people a maximum of freedom and happiness. Minorities as well as majorities.

Politicians should be selected on the basis of ability as the best experts and remunerated with a bonus according to performance. We need more innovative thinkers and courageous shapers in politics and fewer yes-men and careerists. Everyone makes mistakes, even politicians. They just have to admit and correct them more often. What they need is more humility.

What is required is more modesty, openness to new ideas and a relaxed culture of discussion encompassing political opponents at home and abroad. Because that is the core characteristic of democracy. A broad and open dialogue as the mother tongue of mankind is needed. Because it helps us to turn enemies into opponents and opponents into friends.

We need optimism, not apocalyptic global hysteria, because that would be counterproductive. Everything is possible, we just have to do it.

Let’s abolish sluggishness, despondency, stubbornness, narrow-mindedness and finally the lack of courage to shape a positive future.

Not: Would – Want – Could – Should.

Instead: Shape Your Future Now!