Learn from the Champions

Best Practices as The Golden Key for Policy 4.0

Better policies and a good future are feasible. Let us look around for the best recipes. Let us look beyond the ideological and regional horizons. We can and must all learn much more from each other, seek out the champions of politics in all countries of the world, analyse, understand and emulate their best practices from all political areas. 

This would put us into a position to learn from each other, save money and create progress and prosperity for all. We would be able to achieve a great leap forward and bring our countries forward with radical reforms. 

It is about the whole spectrum of good examples in local, national and international politics. 

The great leap forward can only be made internationally if we want reforms, learn from the best in the world and do not get lost in petty cosmetic repairs to the systems and plugging holes. Why should politicians keep reinventing the wheel when someone has already shown us how to do it? 

What to do? And How?

Outdates Politics

 Most politicians remain stuck in an outdated rituals. Too many politicians squat in their local, ideologically padded bunny pit and just hop to the nearest garden fence. This is one of today’s major problems: the world has become global and innovative, but politics is still deeply provincial and local. We operate at two different speeds: Rapid change versus slow political processes. This is where the thread breaks to- day as well as the citizens’ patience. We should now tear down these walls in the minds of politicians in every country in the world, learn from the best global thinkers and pioneers and rapidly implement excellent ideas.  in den sozialen Netzwerken positiv? Teile diese tollen Storys mit anderen, und aus potentiellen werden treue Kunden.

A Global Revolution for The Best Needed

We need a global revolution in thought and action, a perpetuated reform 24/7. We could save billions of taxpayers’ money, generate more jobs, create a clean environment and establish peace and freedom: We must both work permanently for regional reinvention and implement best practices and ideas from all over the world. We need to be prepared to make constant improvements, i.e. reforms, and not always argue: “We have never done this before.” Our policies would then be more effective and better, in all countries. This is one of the great opportunities we have not yet exploited and that costs us almost nothing. Those who miss out on the global learning and innovation process will oversleep the future, be left behind in global competition and slide into a permanent crisis. Like in a fish trap, there is hardly any way out of this situation. If China keeps learning to drive and finance innovation rapidly, but not the democracies, they are likely to fall behind by 2050. 

Too Many Countries are Frozen

They are encrusted, full of unsolved problems hardly anyone is tackling. Feasible solutions are being dragged out and the crumbling house in need of renovation is only being repainted. A lot is being promised, but too little is being implemented, and too slowly. A perpetual capacity for learning and reform is a basic prerequisite for political stability and people’s happiness. 

Radical Reforms are the Answer

We urgently need improvements in all areas, more effectiveness in policy. Radical reforms in all countries, a perpetual process of learning and improvement. Not the day after to- morrow, but as soon as possible. Having mastered these tasks, we can be able to maintain prosperity, peace and freedom and shape a better world of humanity with creativity in the 21st century.


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