Institutionalising Engines of Creativity

At the heart of a successful Policy 4.0 is the rapid and comprehensive activation of creativity at all levels of policy making encompassing parties, parliaments, governments and administrations. 

Permanent openness to new developments is the lifeblood of vibrant democracies. This is the only way to achieve great advances required to revitalise democracies worldwide.

There can be no sound and sustainable policy without creativity. Creativity is the trump card. If it is missing, democracy fails.

We must therefore build strong engines of creativity into the political enterprise and break the traditional blockade against managing and utilising new developments.


  1. A new ‚Minister for Future and Creativity‘ gives this Achilles’ heel in our democracies the necessary attention.
  2. The laws for civil servants are supplemented by these wordings: “No civil servant shall be promoted who cannot prove that he or she has creatively achieved something new in his or her position. Half the weighting of his assessment depends on this.” Within a short period of time, the creative people, who would previously have been disgraced, are given more responsibility. As officials strive for promotion, a positive dynamic is created.
  3. The ministries are instructed by law by parliament: “Each department must submit an innovation and creativity report to the political leadership once a year. Each ministry reports once a year to parliament with a “Creative Administ- ration Progress Report” and publicly accounts for its new creative solutions. In each ministry, a “Future and Creativity” unit is established in the planning staff, with reporting obligations to the responsible head of unit at the Minister of Future and Creativity.
  4. At party conferences and in parliamentary commit- tees, new ideas are discussed broadly and openly in “Future and Creativity” workshops.
  5. Every mandate holder must prove to have shown new creative problem solutions and has demonstrably driven forward their implementation. The respective individual must use half of its speaking time at party conferences and in par- liament to present new concrete plans as well as their justifi- cations.

If you want to learn more about Mission Future you can find our 600 pages book with 200 concrete reform propsals here.