Love & Tolerance

Hate & Violence

Imagine reducing the world’s population of 7.8 billion people to a village of only 100:


61 Asians, 15 Africans, 13 Americans (North and South America), 11 Europeans would live there. There would be 52 women and 48 men. 80 of them would be coloured and only 20 white. There would be 34 Christians, 23 Muslims, 13 Hindus, 7 Buddhists, 11 representatives of other minor religions – only 0.2 percent of them Jews – as well as 10 non-religious and 2 atheists.


This would not be a homogeneous village, but a global village of diversity


In our globalised world, all people are increasingly dependent on each other. Neither of us can avoid the other. The internet and modern means of transport connect different cultures. We are a networked and vulnerable world. With a common destiny and an overall responsibility. Now we must also grow together as individuals and respect the differences.


How can we counter hatred of minorities and other religions and promote respect and philanthropy?

Tolerance must not be equated with a mere granting of permission. 


Tolerance must be expanded in the direction of active respect and human love. These are decisive soft elements of peacebuilding in the global village of the 21st century. The dazzling concept of tolerance has several meanings, including forbearance, open-mindedness, absence of prejudice, freedom of movement, respect, generosity and humanity. 

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