Humanity is our heart and soul. Freedom our oxygen. 


The diversity on earth demands respect for others. For all people who are different from myself: The foreigners, the minorities, the majorities, the homeless or the rich. 


But the evil in human DNA tends to overestimate itself, selfishness, arrogance, know-it-all, paternalism, ultimately dictatorial orders and restrictions. That is the totalitarian element in all of us. 


It mainly affects intellectuals, who devise respective ideologies. Well-meant, but in reality, the opposite of well done. Drunk with pride and unable to criticize when it doesn’t work. In doing so, they forget one rule of nature: diversity needs a maximum of freedom. The opposite to the dictate of the state for the alleged happiness of its citizens as pure servant of a believing ideology. 


Freedom is our political air to breathe, our oxygen for the individual pursuit of our personal happiness and our self-realization. Without instructions of the state or prohibitions of thinking. Free means: being able to be myself without state and without punishment. 


Without freedom, we citizens are merely the puppets and objects of governments and their unfortunately mostly bourgeois official nomenclature. 


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