Health as a Human Right

The Corona crisis exposed the weaknesses of health care in many countries. 

How can we build an affordable and effective health care system for 9.7 billion people in 2050?

We urgently need to restructure health care systems in line with the world’s best practice. The committed World Economic Forum has shown how to do this in two reports in 2018.

Broad-based preventive health care can significantly reduce costs: this includes health education in schools and the consistent fight against drug addiction.

There could be a functioning health care system in all countries – even the USA – if there were sufficient funding and optimal organisation based on the models.


What are the role models? In the “Best Countries Ranking”, Cigna Global investigated how people worldwide assess the quality of the health system in their country of residence. Denmark received the best rating. Health care is financed from income tax. All permanent residents are entitled to it. Treatment is free. Sweden came second, followed by Canada. The British ID Medical Agency examined 24 OECD countries. According to their analysis of the best health systems in the world, Japan is in first place, followed by Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Denmark and Luxembourg have two of the best healthcare systems in the world, followed by Sweden and Singapore, and then Switzerland and Canada, according to another study. Hong Kong and Singapore shine in the Bloomberg “Most Efficient Health Care Index 2018”.Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and Singapore have the best health system in the world. Let us learn from these countries.


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