Digitisation with AI and 5/6 G is Priority

A rolling global consensus: Digitisation is enormously important for every country. 

But many democracies are still too slow in promoting and implementing digitisation. Only a few role models, such as Estonia, Taiwan, Singapore or South Korea, have digitalised their country in an exemplary manner.

How can states cope with the upheaval of the Fourth Digital Revolution?

How can both millions of jobs and independence be safeguarded against China?

What can be done?


  1. The most important step is the establishment of a strong Ministry for Digitisation and Artificial Intelligence, which bundles all aspects in an overall strategy, regularly examines them, plans them across departments, presents the strategy to the public and is responsible for its rapid implementation.
  2. An “Annual Report Digitisation” documenting the problems, solutions, costs and timelines to the parliament and the public.
  3. Administrations must be digitised in the shortest possible time, following the Estonian example. 
  4. Rapid installation of a teaching unit on digitisation in schools and learning of programming languages. Use of common tools of digital providers and no obstruction by excessive data protection.
  5. If you want to participate in the development of concepts of artificial intelligence (AI/AI) worldwide, you have to provide a lot of money, as the Chinese have been doing for years. The best way is to cooperate with other countries and companies. The establishment of various European-American- Japanese-Korean consortia for 5/6G and joint AI companies, with capital of over $ 100 billion each, seems desirable. 
  6. Stop gross hate propaganda by clear cyber laws, which force Facebook and others to take responsibility by threatening to impose tangible fines. But according to the moderate rules with the preservation of a maximum diversity of opinion in the worldwide web and no Truth Ministry.
  7. Fair digital corporate taxes that should be levied where the buyer is located and not at the offshore company in a tax haven.

If you want to learn more about Mission Future you can find our 600 pages book with 200 concrete reform propsals here.