6. In Civil Society

Assume more personal responsibility and present concrete proposals for improvement. Select and promote innovative politicians with courage and character for new pragmatic Politics 4.0. A new political generation for whom the country is more important than their career and their vanity.

5. In The Media

Revitalising independent investigative journalism without ideological bias.

4. In The Executive Branch

Always learn from the best role models in the world.More intensive planning with success monitoring and faster action.Promote civil servants only if they are capable of creative work.Payment of political civil servants according to performance.

3. In Parliament

Members of Parliament, ministers and political officials to be selected more democratically according to ability and paid according to performance. Reform legislation undergoing regular adaptation.

2. In The Cabinet

Radical and permanent reforms in all areas. With heart and mind, realism and a sense of proportion, more creativity and effectiveness.Instead of too large and ineffective mega ministries, we need many small speedboats. Nine new special ministers for Tolerance, Happiness, Future and Creativity, Digitisation and Artificial Intelligence, Home, Children and Youth, Families, Senior Citizens, and… 2. In The Cabinet weiterlesen

1. In The Democratic Parties

With consistent and quick reforms, instead of superficial cosmetics, we can make our democracies “Fit for Future”. Push for more real democracy. Renew decision-making from the bottom up. No blinkers and more creativity. Less power politics and career lifts. Dialogue as the mother tongue of humanity. More innovative thinkers and leaders.  No ideologies, but instead… 1. In The Democratic Parties weiterlesen