Politics with Heart & Mind

We all need fresh, new politics with heart and mind. The heart is the centre of sensations and feelings in our imagination. This is symbolized by the heart balloon in our logo of a Mission Future. Mind is the ability to understand, to form concepts, to draw conclusions, to judge and to think, which is indispensable for good politics. A… Politics with Heart & Mind weiterlesen

No Ideologies, please!

Even modern, fear-driven individuals are susceptible to conspiracy theories and ideologies of all kinds. These are reinforced by protagonists who recognise the potential of social networks and their algorithms.  People often do not evaluate political rationality with their minds, but instead with a lot of emotion from their heart rapidly confronting them with a false… No Ideologies, please! weiterlesen

We are looking for freedom

Without Freedom Everything is Worth Nothing Humanity is our heart and soul. Freedom our oxygen.  The diversity on earth demands respect for others. For all people who are different from myself: The foreigners, the minorities, the majorities, the homeless or the rich.  But the evil in human DNA tends to overestimate itself, selfishness, arrogance, know-it-all,… We are looking for freedom weiterlesen

A World Of Diversity

Imagine reducing the world’s population of 7.8 billion people to a village of only 100: 61 Asians, 15 Africans, 13 Americans (North and South America) and 11 Europeans would live the- re. There would be 52 women and 48 men. 80 of them would be coloured and only 20 white. There would be 34 Christians,… A World Of Diversity weiterlesen