Strengthening Women’s Rights

At 17, she is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner in history. Malala Yousafzai deeply impressed in Oslo 2014. She delivered her lecture without notes in the city hall in front of the Norwegian royal couple and thousands of guests of honour and many TV cameras. She speaks passionately but factually and begins “ In the name of God, the… Strengthening Women’s Rights weiterlesen

Education and Training Fit for Future

The most important raw material of any country are its people. The country’s prosperity depends on the abilities of its citizens, their diligence and their innovative potential in global competition. But politics is mainly administering the area of education, not shaping the future with best intentions. Merely administering blocks courageous and goal-oriented reforms. “Fit for… Education and Training Fit for Future weiterlesen

Children and Young People First

At the ceremony in Oslo in 2014 committed child rights activist Kailash Satyarthi from India, who together with Malala from Pakistan, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He freed thousands of children from forced labour. His key demand when asked  how we could improve the world: “Begin with the children!” “Every child should be free to eat, sleep,… Children and Young People First weiterlesen

What is Social? Mentors for Happiness

Social justice includes solidarity and help with essentials for a decent life, sufficient money through social welfare (in Germany it is € 446 per month for individuals, plus health insurance and housing in 2021). But is that enough? Alms are far too few for me. Human beings do not live on money alone. They need confirmation, self-realisation,… What is Social? Mentors for Happiness weiterlesen

Homelessness – Why do we face it today?

Why can we fly out of the solar system with Voyager but not solve a manageable global problem like homelessness? With heart and mind. Politicians are trying a little, but not consistently enough. Without creative solutions and a big master plan. No lobby to exert pressure. Too few voters. Too little money. Additional cosmetics instead of… Homelessness – Why do we face it today? weiterlesen

Capital Accumulation and Employee Share Ownership

Why are there social differences, rich and poor, at all? Through heirs of assets. Through speculation with shares or real estate. By working very hard as an entrepreneur or employee with mixed fortunes. You can be a millionaire and still spend everything or lose it by gambling. That is life. There is no justice. Only opportunities.… Capital Accumulation and Employee Share Ownership weiterlesen

Exemplary Social Housing

We need more and affordable housing in the urban centres. How can we accomplish this? Firstly, through the incentive of private housing construction.  Every landlord has to generate a gross yield of around four to five percent to ensure that building is worthwhile with all the opportunities and risks involved. Because the owner also bears the risk… Exemplary Social Housing weiterlesen

Health as a Human Right

The Corona crisis exposed the weaknesses of health care in many countries.  How can we build an affordable and effective health care system for 9.7 billion people in 2050? We urgently need to restructure health care systems in line with the world’s best practice. The committed World Economic Forum has shown how to do this… Health as a Human Right weiterlesen

An Efficient Pension System

We owe the elderly a happy life without worries, because they have built up everything we enjoy today. In reality, we often let them suffer with too little pension. Poverty in old age is the result – a disgrace. Fewer and fewer active young people have to pay into the pension fund for the baby… An Efficient Pension System weiterlesen

Fair and Simple Taxation

Everything the state takes away from us citizens in material terms is tax. It is the most comprehensive state intervention. In a social market economy, the tax system must be fair. Under no circumstances must it undermine the foundations of the economy and its ability to compete internationally. At the same time, it must help the… Fair and Simple Taxation weiterlesen