Activity Reports and Readjustments

We need annual activity reports on important issues, reinforcing the ministries` commitment to coordination, clarity and truth.

This in turn would create transparency and enable democratic control.

Flexible and quick adaptation of administrative bodies to reality is crucial. This requires clarity and coordination.

The effects to date must be closely examined and the guidelines must be constantly improved by readjustment. This is part of a new vital, adaptive and self-critical reform policy in all areas.

The government’s measures must be rapidly adjusted. To achieve this, the state of affairs on important issues must first be coordinated, summarized, ordered and presented to parliament in an interdepartmental manner. Reports create openness, offer democratic control and greater participation by citizens, and allow a broad discussion on better, future-oriented policies.


  1. Each ministry prepares an annual progress report. It lists the ten most important annual objectives regarding effectiveness and necessary additions. Subsequently the parliament committees draw up a list with the ten most important topics per subject area.
  2. Each ministry sets up a council of experts contributing to the reports and appointing a rapporteur.
  3. The involved associations and NGOs comment the formulation of an annual report.
  4. It is discussed in the respective committee and presented to parliament once a year.
  5. The effectiveness of activities is regularly reviewed and adjusted to the socio-political and economic reality.

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