3 Pillars

Humanity + Creativity + Efficiency

We need a new fresh Policy 4.0 based on the three pillars of humanity, creativity and effectiveness. These are essential for people’s happiness and steady progress. 

  • No policy without humanity. 
  • No policy without creativity. 
  • No policy without effectiveness.

This is the necessary reorientation unfolding an enormous potential for improvement. 

Without humanity – which includes human rights, freedom and tolerance – everything is nothing. Citizens are otherwise only objects, not self-determined individuals. An important part of humanity is the clear commitment to freedom. Because we human beings need freedom like air to breathe. Without it, every society is inhumanly structured. Since people reveal different inclinations, the new policy must avoid imposing a dictatorial policy on them. Instead, a new vibrant movement of diversity should be formed respecting minority opinions as well as the integration of the wishes of all population groups. Tolerance is the necessary lubricant for the democratic engine.

Creativity is the fuel for progress, the political yeast. Without it, democracies will not be able to provide their citizens with what they need in the future. We can only win the system competition with the new superpower China, the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a stable world climate and good cooperation in the state with much more creativity, fresh new thinking and many quick reforms.

Without effectiveness, the state cannot deliver what the citizens need. Otherwise, it would lose credibility, support and acceptance among larger sections of the citizenry. In case of elections, they would cast their vote for populist seducers or radicals handing them the power to rule. If democracies do not work effectively, but totalitarian regimes do, then democracy would lose its edge and raison d’être in the global com- petition between the two different political systems. Democracies would otherwise paralyse and ultimately abolish themselves. Consequently, maximum effectiveness in all areas of politics is imperative for the survival of democracies in the 21st century. 

These three pillars complement each other. 

Policy 4.0 must bring humanity and creativity and effectiveness into a feasible coexistence. We need all three elements as one foundation for a better future. We also need a sustainable will to reform and swift action instead of endless debating. 

For a good future we need:

  • Not ideologies, but new politics of happiness.
  • No hatred and no violence towards those with dissenting positions, but instead vivid diversity, tolerance and a vibrant democracy.
  • Creative and open-minded new thinkers no longer hold extremist ideological positions but cultivate pragmatic thinking and acting with heart and mind.
  • We need a policy for a better, more humane and dignified life for all citizens. Under the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
  • Joy of life and people’s happiness. 
  • A socially balanced market economy. 
  • Prosperity as well as environmental protection. 
  • For this action plan we need a new generation of politicians with fresh thoughts and acting on the basis of humanity, creativity and effectiveness.

If you want to learn more about Mission Future you can find our 600 pages book with 200 concrete reform propsals here.