2. In The Cabinet

Radical and permanent reforms in all areas. With heart and mind, realism and a sense of proportion, more creativity and effectiveness.
Instead of too large and ineffective mega ministries, we need many small speedboats. Nine new special ministers for Tolerance, Happiness, Future and Creativity, Digitisation and Artificial Intelligence, Home, Children and Youth, Families, Senior Citizens, and Migration. Building a consensus for the development of all citizens’ aspirations.
Annual progress reports in all major areas. Priorities instead of crisis management. Digitisation, children and young people as top priorities. 

Strengthen the Social Market Economy with fair and simple taxation, an efficient pension system, health care, exemplary social housing, asset accumulation and employee participation, elimination of homelessness and happiness mentors for the socially disadvantaged. Migration Realpolitik with Humanity. Environmental protection with a sense of proportion and practical understanding. 

A more effective foreign and security policy, including the containment of the totalitarian threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party.

If you want to learn more about Mission Future you can find our 600 pages book with 200 concrete reform propsals here.